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Natures Trail Discovery Run - 2nd Leg

The mountain ranges composing the watersheds of Tanay, Rizal are at a critical level with its natural water resources dwindling at faster rate due to destruction of its forests, rivers and water springs which usually oozing with water all-year run but are now becoming drier in the summer months, a clear sign that if the destruction of the forests continue we may no longer have the watersheds but just dry parched mountains. Wealth of the forest must benefit the upland communities not waste them.

Nature’s Trail Discovery Run 2nL will bring runners to new adventures of trail running as well as promoting environmental awareness the reforestation of the watersheds of Tanay, Rizal and the development of upland communities through the mountain sports tourism promotion. It is a 3-leg series of Trail Run race. The first Leg was held last May 27. The series will run in different trail routes at the foot and top of hills and mountains, running through small trails, dirt roads, rivers, and inside the forested areas for complete trail experience. It shall serve as qualifying races for the annual “Love A Tree” which will have its next run on February 2013.

What: Natures Trail Discovery Run - 2nd Leg

When: 1-2 September 2012 4:30AM, (Sat-Sun)

Where: Tanay Adventure Camp, Barangay Sampaloc, Tanay Rizal

Distance and Registration Fees:

  1. Special Races - Sprints

    • 2K Uphill Sprint Challenge - Php 350.00

    • 2K Downhill Sprint Challenge - Php 350.00

    • 5K Uphill/Downhill Short Distance - Php 500.00

  2. Main Race Categories

    • 10K (exclusive to Filipino Nationality) - Php 750.00

    • 21K (open to all Nationalities) - Php 950.00

Registration Centers (until August 25, 2012):

  1. *Online Registration at the following websites:

  2. *On-Call registration at telephone numbers 532-1645 or 571-0524

  3. Registration Partners:

    • R.O.X. (Jul. 16 - Aug. 25) - Bonifacio High Street, BGC, Taguig

    • Chris Sports (Jul. 25 - Aug. 25) - SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, SM Mall of Asia, Market! Market!

    • A Runners Circle (Jul. 25 - Aug. 25) - Manila

*Last payment date: August 16, 2012. Race Kit will be delivered within Metro-Manila or pick up at Pimco Sporting Events Office in Mandaluyong.

Race kit includes: race bib, official Runner's guide, race map, official letter of Membership to PTRA, printed registration form with waiver.

Closing date is subject to the filling up of the maximum runners therefore the race may close earlier than August 25 once the maximum registration is filled up by participants.

Finisher's Shirt:

Finisher's Medal:

Travel Guide:

Those taking their cars or have their own transportation coming from anywhere in Metro-Manila must take the Marcos Highway in Marikina / Cainta straight ahead and passing through Cogeo and Boso-boso in Antipolo, not leaving the Marcos Highway the landmark is the Palo Alto and Garden Cottage. From Garden Cottage it will be just about 12 kilometers to the Tanay Adventure Camp the main venue. Turn left at an asphalt road just in front of Pranjetto and follow from the highway its about 500 meters.

Awards and Prizes:

Cash Prize for the 1st to 3rd place winners of both categories for each male and female winners. Pimco pays the cash prize in the form of check “Pay to Cash” during the awarding ceremony at the site which can be withdrawn or deposit on the date printed on the check. Cash Prize is given in “PAY TO CASH CHECK” which the winners can cash on the date printed on the check. This is important in case a challenge or complaint against the winning runner is lodge with the organizer for breach or violations of the Rules and Regulations.

Cash Prizes #1, #2, and #3 given below for the 21km are applicable generally to both male and female runners in the 2nL.

Whether the foreign runner is world class or elite class of runner, the organizer does not distinguished. The runners both Filipinos and foreign, slow or fast, elite or beginners are bunched together as a whole competing with each other without any distinction. Since we don’t distinguish or pre-qualify foreign runners and Filipino runers, we have different levels of awards and prizes for both the foreign runners and Filipino runners considering the majority of Filipino runners are still beginners and lacking in capability to give strong competition against the unknown foreign runners. Thus to equalize the possibility that there are foreign runners entering the race way way above the class of both Foreign and Filipino runners, we adopted rules on Awards and Prizes that make it available to the 99% Filipino runners comprising the race event in the 2nL to take part in the cash prizes and awards.

  1. Prize #1 Applies To Filipino Runners Only

    • 1st Prize - Php 10,000.00 + Trophy (Champion)

    • 2nd Prize - Php 5,000.00 + Medal (2nd Place)

    • 3rd Prize - Php 3,000.00 + Medal (3rd Place)

  2. Prize #2 Applies To Foreign Runners Only

    • 1st Prize - Php 5,000.00 + Trophy (Champion)

    • 2nd Prize - Php 3,000.00 + Medal (2nd Place)

    • 3rd Prize - Php 2,000.00 + Medal (3rd Place)

  3. Prize #2 Applies To Top 3 Filipino Finishers Over Filipino Runners

    • 1st Prize - Php 5,000.00 + Trophy (Champion)

    • 2nd Prize - Php 3,000.00 + Medal (2nd Place)

    • 3rd Prize - Php 2,000.00 + Medal (3rd Place)

Prize Applicability:

Prize #1 applies solely and exclusively to Filipino runners if and when:

a. There is no foreign runners registering, participating, or winning the 21km race event.

b. The Filipino runner wins overall coming in as Champion or 1st Place, in 2nd Place, or in 3rd Place, winning over both foreign and Filipino runners and participants.

Prize #2 applies solely and exclusively to Foreign runners in the 21km race event if and when:

a. The Foreign runner participant will win overall meaning over both Filipino and Foreign Runners in any position as Champion or 1st Place, 2nd Place, or 3rd Place the corresponding prizes given in Prize#2 applies.

b. The Foreign runner winning overall meaning over both Filipino and Foreign runners in any position as above gets the equivalent prize as above whether coming in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place at the finish line.

Prize #3 applies solely and exclusively to the top 3 Filipino Finishers over other Filipino runners in the 21km event if and when:

a. Foreign Runners win all the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prizes overall meaning winning over both Filipino and Foreign runners.

b. The Top 3 Filipino Runners come in first over other Filipino runners in the finish line after any other Foreign nationals in the field. The top 3 in order of their finishes

c. This shall not be applicable in the event that the Filipino runners come in as Champion or winning the 2nd Place or 3rd Place overall.

We recognized in 2nL the desire of many Filipino Runners in the 21km therefore to accommodate and give them the privilege of being honored too side by side with the foreign runners, we are giving awards and prizes to the Top 3 Filipino Finishers whether they will become champion, 2nd placer, 3rd placer or just finishing as top 3 among the Filipino runners.

Cash Prizes for the 10km (Applies To Both Male / Female)

10km Race Category Is Exclusive To Filipino Runners Only

1. 10K Awards and Prizes

10km is exclusive to Filipinos but Foreign runners wishing to run in the 10K for “fun only” and as guest runners may request to join and participate in the race subject to approval of organizer.

Guest runners – guest runners whether foreign or Filipino nationals in both the 21km and 10km will not be eligible for the cash prizes but may take home Finishers Medal and Finishers Shirt.

  • 1st Place - P5,000.00 + Medal

  • 2nd Place - P3,000.00 + Medal

  • 3rd Place - P2,000.00 + Medal

2. Sprint Challenge and Short Distance Races Prizes

Sprint Challenge (Uphill, Downhill) - is an open competition including foreign runners. No distinction, division, or nationality. It’s a free for all and anybody that is healthy and fit can join. It is individually timed and there will be just one prize given to the Champion only whatever is the gender of the Champion.

5km Mixed Short Distance – is an open competition except that it is exclusive to Filipino runners only and like a fun run. It is for the beginners in trail running who want to experience trail running. It’s an introduction race to Trail Running. No distinction as to the gender male and female compete with each other. It’s free-for-all and anybody that is healthy and fit can join. There will be just one champion

  • 2km Uphill Sprint Champion Winner - Php 2,500 + Medal

  • 2km Downhill Sprint Champion Winner - Php 2,500 + Medal

  • 5km Mixed Short Distance Champion Winner - Php 3,000 + Medal

Top 25 Finishers – will be based on the time registered in all of the 3 legs of the trilogy for both male and female runners will be given free entry to “Love A Tree Tanay Mixed-Marathon 2013” scheduled on February that year this include Foreign nationals who participated in Nature’s Trail Discovery Run series. The 2nd Love A Tree in 2013 promises to be bigger than the first.


You may camp using your own tent or rented tent. You can also get bed space for the night at barracks available at Tanay Adventure Camp for as low as P200.00 per person.

Foreign nationals wanting to get assistance for the accommodation maybe booked by Pimco in any of the hotels and resorts near the venue.

Overview of camping tents at Tanay Adventure Camp

Overview of camping tents at Tanay Adventure Camp
Transportation (Optional):

Shuttle bus will be available. Those with cars and taking the shuttle are advised to leave their cars at home since the pick-up points are public places and no parking maybe available.

For campers:

Pick-up point and time:

Maysilo, Mandaluyong City Hall Circle - 3:00 PM

ETA at race and camp venue 1st September - 5:00 PM

ETD to Manila 2nd September - 1:30 PM

For non-campers:

Pick-up point and time:

Shell Makati, Edsa - 2:00 AM

Mandaluyong City Hall in Front of Shakey’s - 2:15 AM

Quezon Memorial Circle - 2:45 AM

Masinag, in front of Mercury Drug Store - 3:15 AM

ETA at Race Venue 2nd September - 4:15 AM

ETD to Manila 2nd September - 2:30 PM

PTRA Membership:

For its founding year, membership in PTRA has been sponsored by Pimco Sporting Events. Your participation in Nature’s Trail Discovery Run trilogy gives you free membership in PTRA for its foundation year. You are officially a member of the PTRA for 2012 and your PR and ranking will be officially recognized by PTRA as Trail Runner.

Download the full Runner's Guide for other information not posted here.

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