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Six:30 at Chris Sports' Epic Relay

On June 9-10, the Six:30 Running Group will tread the asphalt roads of Subic to the steep uphills and rolling terrains of Bataan for the 2012 series of the Chris Sports' Epic Relay, an adventure that will test not just our endurance, wit and teamwork, but also our capacity to enjoy the event, outrun ourselves, outpace and outlast our limits on a 40-hour long epic day and night adventure.

Our team composition are a mixture of some seasoned and newly "purpled" runners of the Six:30 running group, together with the individuals who will spend almost three (3) nights and two (2) days to give us cheer, and support.

The Six:30 Epickers:
  1. Allan Ray Enriquez (Running Free Manila)
  2. Carlo Molod
  3. Jayson Escobar
  4. Noel Castillo (Running Castle)
  5. Gloria Labao
  6. Tina Deray
  7. Teejae Amorado
  8. Marikit Soliman
  9. RJay Mercado
  10. and Me on the sides

As a heads up before the race, I just want to express my advance gratitude to our support team who will do most of the non-stop challenging and dirty jobs to ensure each and everyone's safety and happiness:

The Support Team:
  1. Jenny Red
  2. Drew Llanes
  3. Arianne Ramos
  4. Nette Castillo
  5. Richal Paul Maling
  6. Shai Ramos
  7. and to all our fellow Barneys
And also to our partners who will be treading with us and making possible the beginning of this two-day journey, special thanks goes to you:

"Always do what you are afraid to do." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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