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Our Epic Support and Sponsors

The 2012 Epic Relay was one of my unexpected biggest dream race come true. During it's debut event two years back, I was only a spectator behind Coach Luis "Gingerbread Running" Arcangel's update about their race feat on this historical running adventure as their then team (PowerPuff Boys) battle out their legs and lungs against stronger opponents from Team Timex and Team Army.

When I received the invitation from Ms. Arleen Lindo, the Marketing Manager of Chris Sports' to create a team and join their should-be 2011 Epic Relay, I got hesitant as I don't know who among my runner colleagues and buddies will take the idea of an insane 250 kilometers of relay running. That as well as the financial matters, physical preparations, and race maturity of an individual member are the heaviest things that I have to consider.

For this year's Epic Relay 250, we surely did faced a lot of stress and challenges, much more than what I have mentioned above. These happened even during the conception of our team that a faint hope would surely crumble our dream to experience this epic adventure. But, with Allan's untiring enthusiasm to continue this event for the Six:30, all I can do is to support him and do what I can do best. And with God's guidance, and through Jenny Red's prayers, just a few days and hours before our take-off to SBMA, our generous Sponsors came to help us realize this event. Thus, if it's not for them, we wouldn't have been able to fully enjoy and materialize this race.

Pocari Sweat Philippines, our ion and electrolytes supply drink which helped us prevent dehydration.

Ph7Plus Water which provided us with an effective water replenishment with their alkaline water.

Thorlos Philippines, our official running socks for the event, which helped us prevent blisters and cushioned our feet with the Experia Coolmax.

Diadora Philippines for my cap, shirt, and the Mythos Axeler TI-4 which helped me tread the steep downhills along Subic.

Our Financial Donors:
Silver Horizon Trading and Construction Co. Inc.

Marvin Pangan, Wesley Oraña, Doc Noel and Genesis Señorin, Louie Lopez, and Miriam Teodoro-Bernardo.

To Kuya Junar Layug of Team Ungas for helping us find a van provider who already knows our passion for running.

And of course, to our support crews who did their best to keep us clean and rested while they do the dirty jobs and keeping themselves awake just for us:
  1. Jenny Red
  2. Drew Llanes
  3. Arianne Ramos
  4. Nette Castillo
  5. Richal Paul Maling
  6. Shai Ramos

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