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3rd Trek the TEC

The first and real vertical run in the Country has once again challenged the stair-runners after only 7 months from their previously successful event - 2nd Trek the TEC that was held last November 26, 2011. It was no different route from the past installments, but the 2,531 steps of the combined Towers 1 and 2 of the Enterprise Center proves it to be still challenging as ever.

TEC's Tower 1 & 2 (photo by Ramil Lomboy)
Just like my first bump into this vertical run (read my race account here), the atmosphere was still the same - friendly and homey. Everyone is excited, and almost everyone would talk and greet each other. Representing Diadora Philippines Running Team were Bave and Me, and also Cris Dela Cruz co-represented us (Kuya Totoy who co-represented the team last year went freelancer this time).

with Bave and Cris
The race was intimately gathered by challengers of around 300 participants - now much participated than the previous installments. If there were only few elite and hardcore runners from the previous years, this time there were a lot of them who joined both on the individual and team-relay (of 4 members) categories. The absence of the Kenyans was surprising, but that also gave opportunity for our locals coming from different provinces - Cebu, Cagayan De Oro, Baguio, and etc to bag the prizes. I was really delightful seeing them on this race like Coach Cris Sabal, Alquin Bolivar, Mario Maglinaw of ARC, Ka Totoy from Team Ungas, Track & Field Varsitarians, co-hometown Joel Bengtay, the Tres-Marias-combo whom I forgot the names (might be Luisa Raterta, Annaliza Diaz, and Ailene Tolentino), as well as the now 14-year old Michelle De Vera (whom I first raced with at the BDO Race For Life 2010), and other known speedy runners were present to challenge the 90 floors of the Enterprise Center.

with my co-hometown runners from Cordillera and Ka Totoy (right-most)
As the runners were dispatched in batches starting from the relay and then to the individual categories further divided into three groups (identified by the proximity card's lace color), minimal "balyahan" occurred as runners try to outpace each other from the first few flights. I haven't noticed what floor I have stopped running, started to pull myself up with the aid of the handrails, and pushing myself up by pushing my legs. It seemed that I was in a trance going up with my mouth wide open gasping for oxygen at each step, head bowed down. The first time I remember seeing a floor marker was at the 23rd floor already, and the ever ego-dumping signage "quitter's exit" haven't even crossed my visual line until when I was already descending from the 1st tower.

Upon reaching the 1st Tower's summit, I rested for a while and did some stretching before heading downwards to the forever spiral of stairs which I could only take one-step at a time, then sometimes jump at the last three steps. The experience running up and down was almost the same as the previous year. On the 2nd tower, I wasn't able to run anymore (again), and just slowly take two-stairs up at a time while pushing each of my legs to help me lift myself up. As I patiently conquer each flight of stairs, I couldn't help but to reminisce my previous years experience at these two towers, and all the experience was like a déjà vu.

with Ms. Lia, Bave, Coach Cris Sabal, and Ka Totoy
Metal stairs - the sign that the finish line is just a floor away. Which also means that abundant fresh air is already waiting for us. And the freshest of the loots farmed atop the building are already harvested for the runners. Indeed it was, coupled with Pocari Sweat.

I have almost wasn't able to run this race this time as I woke up late with only one-hour left before the gun-start. Thankfully I still made it with a few minutes to spare for a warmp-up, and it was still all worth it having shaved off 51 seconds from my previous time.

I seldom repeat a race unless there's a change in race course, or newer challenge but if you'll ask me if I will still join this event on their 4th? Definitely!

Oh, and the running shirt? It was also much better than last year.

Race Profile:
Distance: 90 floors (2,531 vertical steps)
Personal Time: 00:19:10
Official Ranking: 22nd out of 87 Individual category finishers

Race Info:
When: June 24, 2012.
Where: The Enterprise Center Bldg., Ayala, Makati
Event: 3rd Trek the T.E.C.

You may also view the gun-start of last year's trek the TEC.


  1. bakit 90 floors.lang?? hahaha am I exaggerating with my 102? hahaha

    the other woman idol was Mischel Balbuena who placed 1st...hehehe

  2. When it comes to running, hindi talaga papahuli mga pilipino dyan. Magagaling tayo eh. Nang makita ko nga ang blog mo naalala ko nung nasa elementary pa lang ako, sumali ako ng takbuhan siguro mga 500 meters ang layo ant sa awa ng diyos 2nd ako.haha, di ko na nga lang naipag patuloy kc ngka sakit ako. Anyways, maraming salamat sa post mo.


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