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A Hearty Pre-Valentine Race For The Orphans

Race for the Orphans - the first flagship event of Rundezvous Incorporated was held inside the Camp Aguinaldo grounds last February 12. It was a fun and intimate gathering of runners which also marked my first official race for the year after almost two months of hibernation.

Partnered with our running team - Diadora Philippines, the people from RSH Marketing together with Ms. Lia, my co-teammates Allan and Bave were also present to support the good caused-race. Also present on the race are runners and volunteers from the different running teams including Team Boring, UP Heartbreakers, Team USB, Reebok Running, PEx, Team CB, Team Alpha1 and Six:30. Indeed, it was a crowd of long-time brothers and sisters in running which made the atmosphere's event homey for everybody.

As the race-started, I remember the first time I ran the Camp Aguinaldo grounds during the 1st Camp Run 2011. It was a challenging route with lots of intimidating AFP runners around and plenty of rolling inclines that gave my plantar a little bit of knock. Ninety percent of the AFP participants (and bandits) outpaced me on the entire course, but one of them was no match for me at the post-race arm-wrestling bout, heck! =D

Those were the joyful memories coming back to me during the first kilometer while pacing with the speedy couples Bave and Cris Dela Cruz. Cris was a few meters ahead of us leading and pulling-off the pace, Bave puffing out her own best to keep her place while I stayed a little back to give her the push. It was a team-effort for an individual sports, although I think Bave's getting pressured with our presence. While I was pacing with Bave, I observed how determined she was, racing out her lungs and legs at her best - the kind of runner you would want to train with if you like to be motivated and learn about running fast and pushing your limit.

After more than 2.5km, I bid well to Bave as my own engine already started heating up. Began to ran my pace and walked for a few meters upon reaching the 3km mark to get another round of momentum for the final 1.5k. But, I halted at the left-turn from the 4th kilometer due to the sudden incline, Cris was still going unabated like an Energizer bunny who never walked the entire race except when hydrating.

The final stretch towards the finish line was more than 400meters longer though as recorded in my Soleus GPS. I crossed the finish line eight seconds late than Cris, followed by Allan, then Bave came in to grab the 3rd place among the Female participants.

Mish and co-host and Bave with other Female podium finishers
At the finish area, almost everybody is busy greeting each other. The atmosphere was light and festive in the most beautiful essence of a fun run. The event was only attended by at least 1,000 total participants, but it indeed was successful in bringing up its purpose - to help give hope and opportunity to uplift the education of the Orphans of our fallen Men and Women Soldiers through the iHOPE/KAANIB Trust Fund. Congratulations to all the people of Rundezvous Inc. for successfully staging this event!

The people behind iHope with Ms. Abet of Rundezvous
Here's a video of iHelp Orphans Pursue Education (iHope) from youtube:

Race Profile:
Official Time: 00:28:03
Official Ranking: 15th

Race Info:
Event: Rundezvous Inc's Race for the Orphans
When: February 12, 2012.
Where: Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City

Bave, Me, Allan, and Ms. Lia (James and Sam's not around)
You may now check your own race result from and grab your photos from the album of the official fanpage of Diadora Philippines Running Team.


  1. runner from Team Alpha1 present! hehe!

  2. ay oo, sa TA1 ka nga pala Noel. :)

  3. hi RA, this is abet (rundezvous); a million thanks to you guys for making ths event successful. to me, the most rewarding part in advocacy race is the satisfaction of runners in the key parts of the race. though u havent rated us, i would say you would agree we pass with some nice psychedelic colors, right? you know you will partner with us again, so --- see yah later?

  4. Hi Ms. Abet, thank you for visiting my blog, and I agree to what you say. It's the satisfaction of the runner that counts and we all thank you for that kind of satisfaction we had on your event.

    No Ms. Abet, just the word "passed" is not enough to describe how the events' success turned-out, and not just nice psychedelic colors but as what our Instructors say, "it was outstanding with 'rainbowiffic' flying colors" =)

    Can we make this a lifetime partnership instead? ;)

  5. very kind and humbling words atom!!! Thanks so much for pacing me..IT WAS A GREAT HELP!!! Sa uulitin! mwuah


  7. Good day.

    We’d like to invite you to a blogger’s night event for a run in March. Please email me through so I can send the formal invitation.

    Best of regards,
    Chino R.


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