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Where Has RunningAtom Been

Hello runners, bloggers, and colleagues, long time no see, no hear, no race!

I missed most of you, I missed my running buddies, my blogger friends, my buddies, and.... did I miss the road? My body surely did miss the morning dew, the sound of my breathe while running, the pavements, the barking dogs, and the morning fresh air. I've been out of the races and the running community for exactly one month and 2 days now. And it seems that the longing for gun-starts, the crowds, the finish line, the sponsor booths, and the runner's high has not been in sync with my mood for some time already. Admittedly, my last two races for 2011 (both last December 2011) has not been very exciting for me had it not been an out-of-Country and an out-of-Town race. Still thankful for these opportunities and blessings coming along!
Image from Theresa Talks

As for the blogger events, it has been some time since I mingled with my colleagues in the blogging world. I still receive invites and opportunities to do so, and I'm already getting embarrassed for turning down, or sometimes confirming my attendance but at a later point would back-out from a supposed-to-be blogging event due to unforeseen meetings, changes in plans, and other tiring and unforeseen matters since before December 2011 came. These made it inconceivable for me to handle all at the same time. I could only manage to post as-is the event announcements and press releases from my inbox on another blog that I put in for these specific purpose (visit AktiboKaBa?).

Still, everything can be coped up with, and given its due time, everyone could learn to adapt, and I hope I'm already at such point of adapting very nicely. And I am thankful that despite of verging myself into being low-spirited, the blessings, guidance, and opportunities still comes knocking, or it may have been there since then but I only turn away from it, and when I look back, it was still there!

Getting back to your previous better level is sometimes, really difficult when you're already at the point of surrendering or giving up what you love, what you do better, and what your passion is. But God really knows where you should be and what you should be. That I realized and still trying to understand what's more in-store for me on my remaining earth years (well according to my lunatic mind, I still have 25 years left in my mortality except when unsuspected things happen)! And yes, when you're at the pit of losing yourself, you tend to lessen the minutes, or might be the years of your own mortality rate. Okay, so much for those insanity!

So how was RunningAtom lately? Well from December 19 up to now, I have only managed to run a single distance of 15.54 km, where it took me almost two hours to complete, and even had me depleted upon reaching the finish line at the apartment. Thankfully enough, I was again able to do some mild 2.012km speed run last January 14 at the Ultra (PhilSports Complex), courtesy of HyperSports Philippines Inc. The basic drills we had made my head ache for the remaining duration of our sessions, and the very short 2.012km distance we've ran made and felt like my heart is about to explode from within my chest. That made me realize that I'm back to zero, or even below my fitness level than when I came back to running last 2008.

My next race schedule (as planned) will not be until February 18th for a grueling, first-time SkyRace in the Phils. I hope with the remaining two weeks to train, I could pull up my fitness level enough to get me at the peak of Mt. Ugo, where turning point and half of the 33km total distance will be.

So, hope to see some of you soon! :)


  1. Rest if you must, but DON'T you QUIT, Alfred. See you soon!!

  2. Goodluck on your upcoming race. Nice to see your back.

  3. @Tita Nora, thanks for the short yet awakening message. I really mustn't quit. See you soon! :)

    @Aileen, thank you and hope to see you on the road. Agyamanak! :)


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