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Snacking Without The Guilt

I first have a taste of the Soyami Chips after the 2nd Trek the TEC 90 floors vertical run last November 26, 2011. At first, I was hesitant to get my tongue from their free taste as I'm not really a usual chips-eater guy (unless at the very last resort when my stomach's already feeding with my innards). At the same time, although I am a "taho-addict" and soya-milk drinker (for my protein source alternative), I still can't absorb the idea of eating a Chips snack made from Soya. It was because I believed that you can't make Soya as tasty without artificial flavorings (like the added milk, chocolate, or strawberry and sugar from Soya milk), much more if it's in chips form, you'll need the much "vetsin" to make it appealing to the taste buds. But when I saw Soyami's booth's banner that reads: "Made with Real Soya, No Trans Fat, No MSG", my initial reaction was: "weh? ma-try nga!".

Photo courtesy of Soyami
After the taste-test, well, it sort of never really ended as we still begged more from the crew of Soyami to open more packs for us to munch at while waiting for the program to start. The taste? Malinamnam! So when our stomachs were finally fulfilled with the tasty snacks, I was enticed to buy their trial pack which includes the three flavors of Soyami Soya Chips - Original, Pizza, and Cheddar Cheese. The trial pack also comes with a 3-day pass for Fitness First, which my brother was able to use a week after.

Then last January 25, I was privileged to be invited at the Blogger's launch of Soyami Soya Chips, which I found out that it's Manufactured by 100% Filipino-owned Marketing and Manufacturing Company - AM Global Works Marketing Corp. The event was held at one of the cozy restaurants at the Fort Strip in Bonifacio Global City, hosted by the Sporty and Health enthusiast TV Host Marc Nelson, together with Ms. Apple Morales, the President and Owner of AM Global.

Three flavors of Soyami Soya Chips (Original, Cheesy Cheddar, Pizza)
At the healthy and guiltless pleasure of the eve, Chef Sandralyn Hataway from Tourne Restaurant served us with her Soya-inspired dishes. Yes you read it right, there's more food that can be prepared with Soya. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to jot down the name of the dishes due to the excitement of having my taste glands get a home run of the sumptuous meal. If you're curious to try these Soya-inspired dishes, you may drop-by at the Tourne Restaurant located at the 7th Street, the Fort Strip, together with your friends after your evening run or jog around BGC. If you won't be able to drop-by at the said restaurant but want some quick fill for your protein needs after a tiring workout at the nearby Fitness First or a long run towards BGC, then you may just grab a pack from any variants of Soyami snacks.

Present also on the event were Sponsors and Representatives of other Nature-advocate Organizations and Companies who also presented to the Bloggers their creative and wonder products, and the undying call to save our Trees and Forests.

But wait, meron pa pala... Chips are not the only variant of Soyami as they also have bread sticks in three flavors: Garlic, Chili, and Basil. Not only that, as our Grandparents will also love the oldest-favorite, hard-one but melts-in-your-mouth "puto seko" also made from Soya. For the ladies who loves oatmeal, there's also the Soya Oatmeal cookies. All these foods are also made of non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) and Halal-Certified food which means it passed the dietary consideration of our Muslim brothers.

Soyameal at Tourne
Soya Helps prevents the following:
  • Bones: (Osteoporosis)
  • Breast Cancer
  • Reduces the risk of Prostate Cancer
  • Colon Cancer
  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure
  • Reduces Menopause Symptoms
  • Child Obesity
  • Hair Loss
  • Increased healing of the wounds
  • Protects again Alzheimer’s Disease
Here's some Exercise Tips I got from the presentation of the resident Nutritionist of Tourne:
  1. Consult with Doctor before starting any exercise program.
  2. Know your exercise capacity. It pays to know where you can start off with your exercise.
  3. Go for FAT LOSS instead of WEIGHT LOSS.
  4. Engage in resistance training at least 3x per week.
  5. Cardio exercises at least 30 minutes everyday.
  6. Start with 3 sets with 10-15 reps per set.
  7. Challenge yourself every training day. This will give your body something to anticipate everytime.
  8. Keep yourself hydrated.
  9. Track yourself. Keep a journal of your programs to see where you came from and appreciate the achievements.
  10. Make it Fun!
with TV Host Marc Nelson and AM Global President Ms. Apple Morales

And here's what our own running icon has to say about Soyami:
"I’m always on the run so Soyami is perfect snack to carbo-load and power me through the day."
- Rio dela Cruz, Celebrity Runner & Sportsman

Get to know more about the health benefits of Soya, visit the following vides from this link.

Visit and like Soyami's Fanpage and you may also follow them on Twitter.


  1. I would probably just skip all of that and head to Jollibee. lol. My wife will be there in march so I will ask her to pick me up a bag or 2. Take care.

  2. haha... so you're a Jollibee kid too :)
    Why aren't you coming here with your wife? I wanna see you :)

  3. I wish. I will be there in 2013 for a month or so. Just the wify this time around. We'll meet up for sure then.


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