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RunRio Regional Series - a First and a Year-ender Race at Cebu

People from Unilab, Blogger-Runners and Media off to Cebu
Last December 4 2011, I had my supposedly last run for the year at a not-so-far foreign island (more of this on the next blog post). But surprising things really comes unexpected when I received an invitation from Unilab through the man in red-suit and red-hair. Since I wasn't able to join the Baguio leg of the RunRio Regional series, I did not let the chance slip by for me to be back in Cebu and have a day of fun and run.

We arrived at Mactan International Airport past 11AM of December 17, and quickly we were gathered for check-in at the only 5-star hotel in Cebu - The Marco Polo Plaza (formerly Cebu Plaza Hotel). The hotel is nestled atop a hill near the Veteran's Drive, imposing its presence vibrantly with its elegance and modern facilities. Due to its modernness, our group (CJ, Jinoe, Bee Yen) got caught up at the elevators when the 10th floor button-control wouldn't respond. Quickly, we transferred to another elevator but the same thing happened. I thought 10th floor may not be accessible at the moment. Lately did we realized that our key card should be first inserted at the control panel before pressing the floor number. Ignorant as we are! =)

Cebu has not changed much since I first trodded into their shores more than half a decade ago, including the hospitality, friendliness (which we Filipinos are known of but only few remained so), kindness, and cheerful attitude of the Cebuanos. Moreso, business and community developments are still looming around, with Cebu IT Park as their central business hub much like Ayala-BGC combined. The place is also perfect not just for relaxing, shopping, strolling, but with running as well, as its flat pavements will definitely welcome your calves. Though I'm pretty sure that most of the Cebuano runners loves most of the uphill routes which is aplenty in Cebu.

Manila-Participants at the Run United Cebu (photo by Estan Cabigas)
This was manifested during the next days' Run United Cebu 2011, gathering 1,300+ runners for the 21km category alone, 500+ for 10km, 1,000+ for 5km, around 500 for the 5km, and no less than 70 for the 500-m dash (kids category) - which was also a first at a Cebu running event.

The route was much challenging enough compared to the usual BGC route in Taguig. Add to it the friendly people along the neighborhood cheering the runners, eagerly giving their smiles to almost everyone, and the children who tags along with you could really make a hard race easy enough. That makes the whole 21k route a homey place to run except that most of the route was not closed to traffic. Understandably, just like in my hometown Baguio, most of the races held there don't have a full nor half-road closure due to the unavailability of alternative traffic routing. That case aside, the runners were still all safe from accidents as there are plenty of Marshals along the way.

(Photo by Estan Cabigas)
I finished the race with some very minor injuries and aches which of course, are all attributed to under-training. My left ITBS went up to my calves, the right foot's plantar fasciitis came knocking once again as I reached the finish line, and my lower back manifested much pain than before. It was good that the finish and staging area is so spacious, where cooling down is very possible. One thing I have greatly noticed before and after the race was, there are a lot of runners who does their warm-up, stretchings, and cool downs while socializing and talking about their feats from the just-finished race.

Our podium shot taken by Coach Rio himself
Race Profile:
Category: 21km
Official Time: 2:12:39
Official Ranking: 275th of 1,289 finishers

Race Info:
When: December 18, 2011.
Where: IT Park, Cebu
Event: RunRio Run United Cebu - Regional Series

You may check and download the official race results from:

Cheering Competition showcasing their high-throws

Lots of thanks and my heartfelt gratitude to the following who made this race possible for me:
Sir Edwin of Runner's Runner
Ms. Janice Miguel, Ms.Claire Papa, and Ms. Dulce Morales - all from Unilab External Affairs
RunRio and Coach Rio dela Cruz
To all the Runner-bloggers and Media People who were with us during the event
and to all the participants of Run United Cebu - cheers to everyone!

Long-lost Prince - now homestaying at Cebu
Beep-beep cheering the runners
Asian Secrets - Lovely Cebuanas
with Mr. Alex Panlilio (Unilab ActiveHealth)
and Mr. Lester Castillo (Unilab Run United)
(Photo by Maui Montejo)
See you all again some time on the road. Happy running and happy New year!

More read from Business Mirror (December 30, 2011 issue).


  1. Thanks for sharing the experience man. Did you officially train for this? Great pacing. Hope all is well your way. Take care.

  2. Hi Sir Kenley, I haven't been training well these past few months until now. I just actually walked the remaining 1.xx km to the finish line as my legs are cramping already.

    All is well and good, thanks for dropping by Sir. Take care all the way too and God bless :)


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