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As some of you would know, I was once a feeble, asthmatic, underweight and malnourished child. I haven't gained the proper development of my physique during the right stage of my adolescence that I even have to request for exemption from my ROTC classes. But it was all thanks to the absence of pity from the medical Doctor of PMA (Philippine Military Academy) that gave me the confidence and boost that I could still improve my health and fitness. And that was how I started to become active with running.

For the past few months, I wasn't able to seriously train and prepare for my races unlike the previous years. So as the year 2012 came, I am worried about how will I get back my fitness that I once was. I needed motivation, the push, and some serious runners to get inspired with. Thankfully, I received an invite from HyperSports for their first GetFit 2012 campaign that was held last January 14, 2011 at the PhilSports Complex Track Oval (Ultra).

The invitation was an opportunity for me to drive myself back into running, and indeed I got driven sweating during the session, also amazed with the highly profiled but all humble athletes that constitutes the team of HSPI such as the 3km SteepleChase SEAGames champion Mr. Rene Herrera and the Elma Muros record breaker for the 100-m hurdles Ms. Sheena Atilano. Other renowned athletes of their team includes the Country’s record-holder of the 100-m and 200-m dash Mr. Ralph Waldy Soguilon, Mr. Djundi Biñas - the Country's 3rd best pole vaulter, and more athletes from other disciplines who also holds great records that I can only get envy about.

So, the first session was all about the basics of running. Getting into basics - that's what I really need! It began with some warmup, stretching, drills, and a 2.012km timed run across the oval. The drills, specially the mountain-climb drill made my head/sinus ache, and the 2.012km run made my chest expand to its explosion and my head swirl upon reaching the finish line after 10mins. and 10secs. That's not normal, but that's what I get for the lack of training and pushing myself at the same time.

Learn the basics
love the drills
as well as the core trainings
to finish strong
The GetFit 2012 campaign of HSPI is very well recommended not just for the newbies but also for the seasoned runners/athletes who wants to get back into the basics of training, and to other runners wanting to gain more knowledge about the proper training and preparations. Running, though looks easy, still requires the right knowledge and proper execution to prevent injuries and sports-related accidents.

Get to know them more by visiting their website at HyperSports Philippines Inc and facebook fanpage.

HSPI GetFit 2012 Session 1 class photo


  1. Does this training cost anything? This is really good stuff. Something to get your rear into gear again huh? Thanks for sharing I liked them on FB, etc.. THis is really great. Keep it up and keep going. Congrats on the 2km time trial. It will come back, faster than anything.

  2. Sir Kenley, nope.. this training does not cost anything. It's all for the love and keeping running alive :) You just need to secure your slot by confirming your attendance. You can also do something like this in your area. :)


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