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2012 RunningAtom's Race Schedule

Last year, I goaled to rest from running and divert to other sports activities, but the running blood in me is still much greater. I then resorted to an at least once-a-month race schedule for the year 2011, that's a month long of rests in between races. Unfortunately though, only the month of September 2011 filled-up this plan, but the distance was a rocking 50km. It was my first Ultramarathon race.

For this 2012, I have decided to settle to just concentrate with at most 6 major races for the whole year, which will include one SkyRun race, a trail run, one to two final shots of full Marathon, and perhaps one more Ultramarathon race on my schedule. Shorter distance races will be there but only as part of my regular trainings (or maybe the only trainings that I might have should work-schedules get in the way).

29-Jan Rainbow Run 3K
12-Feb Race for the Orphans 5K
18-Feb PHilSky Mt. Ugo Akyathlon SkyRace 33K
26-Feb XTerra Pang-Rave Run 10K
31-Mar Salomon XTrail Run Pilipinas 24K
15-Apr Run and Raise Scholars 5K
29-Apr PhilWater Run QC Leg 3K turned 4K
05-May SlimMeRun 2012 10K
27-May Nature's Trail Discovery Run (1st Leg) 21K
02-Jun Merrell Adventure Run 3 21K
9-10 Jun Epic Relay 250 25.25K
24-Jun 3rd Trek the T.E.C. 90 flrs.
07-Jul Schools Run for School Rooms 3K
08-Jul HyperSports' Get Fit Run 21K
21-Jul Run for Light 10K
29-Jul 36th National Milo Marathon 21K
26-Aug Immuvit Fearless Trail Challenge (Leg1) 10K
16-Sep RunRio Trilogy 3 - Run United 3 21K
23-Sep Rexona Run 21K
29-Sep Immuvit Fearless Challenge (Leg2) Metafit
30-Sep Run for Pasig River - Ride 'n Roll 15K
06-Oct Immuvit Fearless Challenge - Leg3 16K turned 18K
13-Oct Columbia Eco-Trail Run - Pinatubo Leg 12K
14-Oct Men's Health Urbanathlon and Festival 21K
28-Oct RunRio Run United Phil. Marathon 42.195K
17-Nov TBR Dream Team Run 21K
30-Dec 2nd Mile-Hi Radar Run 8K

So, what race from my calendar will I see you?


  1. Pedz, good luck on your BDM-160k next few weeks which you have secretly hidden in your running agenda for this year!:-)

  2. hahaha... certainly not true Sir Rene :) Malabo pa pao ang BDM sa utak ko :p


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