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Soleus Sports Watches


The strategy of the Soleus brand has been to introduce timing products that are completely focused on runner’s insights. Design features such as extra large digits, lightweight materials, and ease of operation are all featured throughout the entire line.

The Soleus line consists of running watches, Heart Rate Monitors (HRM) and GPS digital watches. The designs contain features needed by runners of all abilities.

The watch lines include the Target Time feature, which allows runners to preset their marathon “pace bracelet” or other target times into their watch and track progress against those times during a run. The three running styles include the Convertible Display feature, which shows current lap time and total time in a split view where both numerical readouts are the same size. The running watches also include a view button at bottom center, so runners can easily toggle their viewing options among current lap time, total time, and both.

HRM Chest Band

The HRM offers all of the functions that are vital to an excellent running watch while incorporating ECG accurate heart rate data for the passionate runner.

For Soleus, the tech goes further with the addition of the GPS 1.0 digital watch that is packed with features any runner could want from a watch. It comes with a Pace and Distance feature, which gauges and records the pace you’re going at with the current or total distance you ran. With these features, you can keep track of your performance each mile at the end of your run.

Soleus GPS 1.0 (Php 6,150)

Cyclist, on the other hand, welcome its Calorie and Speed feature as it gauges and records the current or total calories burned at the speed they’re going. Additional features such as a high sensitivity GPS receiver, world time which covers 106 cities in all time zones, and a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can last up to 8 hours in full GPS mode and weeks if not in GPS mode, the Soleus GPS 1.0 is a perfect running companion.

Tigress (Php 2,950)

For Soleus, running is an addiction. We monitor your run, so that you can measure your sole. Fast, slow, road, trail, uphill, downhill, forwards or backwards, whenever, however…Soleus Running is changing the way you read your run.

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Soleus watches are available in L Timestudio, Timegear & select Wristpod boutiques.

About Soleus Running

Founded in 2008 by watch industry experts David Arnold and David Heath, Austin-based Soleus Running is dedicated to providing the most accurate, most comfortable, most insight-driven running watches on the market while always focusing on the ultimate goal of the runner.


More Product Photos

Ladies 10K (Php 2,950)

Ladies 131 (Php 4,150)

262 (Php 5,250)

HRM Surge X (Php 5,250)

Ultra Sole (Php 4,150)

PR (Php 2,950)

Chicked (Php 2,950)

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