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Run BGC - Fun and Scandal

There's only two reason why this blog post caught your interest and attention: first, you just love to read stuffs about fun run; second, you want to know what was the "scandal". But to give benefit of the doubt, let's just say a few percentage among you might be interested with both the fun in the run and with the scandal. So let's just talk about those two topics since they really go hand-in-hand as always.

Oh, before I begin, I beg you no dirty minds please!

Bonifacio Global City's second installment of their Run BGC have really proved it to be into a lot of different and higher level compared to the last year's first, and even with the other road races around. Aside from the upcoming Condominium give-away at the 3rd QCIM, it is seldom that a race would raffle to those who participated and finished their race a Chevrolet Cruze or a trip for two to another Country, all expense paid plus accommodation, plus a choice of a fun run or Marathon event to that Country.

Still not satisfied with these raffle perks, Run BGC took their race into a level, much different to any races you have been into. A separate category for the 3K and 5K distances have been incorporated with a flag football challenge (read from this link to get to know what Flag Football is).

Becoming a pioneer to a race's signature event gives a participant a different kind of runner's high. And that's why I chose to join a flag football event on a shorter distance category of 3K (oh and my half brother/half sister also joined this event on the same race category as mine).

After running an initial distance of one kilometer, runners gets to play the flag football challenge. And though the game looks easy, it was still challenging enough due to the uneven and rocky surface of the field. Catching the ball also seems easy until you see it coming in front of you. During my turn, I have to jump so I could properly catch and prevent the ball from dropping. But that move turned out to be wrong because as I landed back, I stepped on a bigger stone which caused my left foot to break its balance. And to prevent further injuries, I just let my body move and roll on its own as I fell down to the ground. Gladly I only have minor bruises on my left leg, right arm, some muds on my buttocks, back, and on my cap. That's the fun and enjoyable part of this race category.

some bruises I got at the flag football field

After getting out of the football field with no flags pulled and no penalties committed, I then proceeded to run in constant pace the remaining 2k distance, reaching the finish line at an estimated time of 15 minutes and 20 seconds, less 10 seconds as reward point for perfecting the flag football, and another less of 30 seconds for a roughly approximated time that I stayed at the football field, giving me a total finish time of around 14 minutes and 40 seconds (unofficial).

A few more minutes, my brother arrived with his redish cheeks. Together with Sir Rene (JazzRunner), we've waited around an hour more for the event program and of course, the raffling of the trip for two to Australia. At first, we were only at the back-most area of the crowds in one of the empty tents until we positioned ourselves near the front of the stage when the program was highlighted with a doggy-contest. When I heard RunningHost shouted "who knows how to doggy?", I thought he was referring to the dog-style-swim, and I'm about to volunteer already when the first contestant showed to us his doggy moves. Then I learned that it was a dance step and not the other "doggy" that I'm thinking about (dog-style swimming).

This is what the doggy
A number of guys and girls were up the stage to show their own doggy dance steps. Even Michelle De Vera, the young girl who's been bagging out the podium finishes on her category also showed that she's not all just about running, but she also knows how to dance. The crowds got their adrenalines pumping back when a foreigner guy and a group of the contests' participants from a nearby school heated up the stage with their eye-catching, giggling, and daring doggy dance moves. Even the facebook runner-celebrities Mish and Company didn't even get enough audience impact as most of the runners were taken away by the other competing girls' hot dance moves that you can only see in the evening of a disco party, but are now right in front of their eyes. Well, runners are really diverse, and life's not just all about running or studying but also enjoying the life and sharing the gift of talents.

Teach 'em how to doggy
After the short morning party, winners of all the race categories were called and awarded with their prizes. Then was followed afterwards by the most awaited raffling of the trip for two to Australia, of which, none of us whom I know at the event got the luck!

As of this moment, I'm firmly nailed on my chair, both legs and calves are as hard as a log, and aching so much like I've been into a hazing ritual. The 90 floors vertical race yesterday plus this short but speedy 3k race is now taking a toll on me.

If you are wondering where was the scandal part, well, you might have missed it either because you did not join the race, or you did not stay long enough to witness all of these fun and excitements. Just settle with enjoying some of the photos below. ;)

with Gail Cowper (Skechers)
with Mr. RunningHost
Brother with KikayRunner, JazzRunner, and Bobby Cruz
with Coach Rio, Mish, KB, Lestsky, Rexie and RunningHost
Race Profile:
Category: 3km with Flag Football
Official Time: 00:16:23 (Net) / 00:13:38 (Run Only) / 00:02:44 (Football Time)
Official Ranking: 8th out of 82 Category Finishers

Race Info:
When: November 27, 2011.
Where: 9th Ave., BGC, Taguig
Event: Run BGC 2011 - A Level Higher

The Lucky winner of Trip for two (2) to Australia

Official Race Results are available nowhere but at KulitRunner and at RunRio.


  1. Yes Dude, I admit the word scandal made me look. :)

    Anyways great review on this run event.

    Too bad I did not get to join it.

  2. You should've joined MainManChay :) it's a unique race with fun post-race program :)

    See you soon!


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