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Diadora Footwear

Diadora is an athletic footwear and apparel manufacturer that continues to make some of its products in Italy. The [tradition] of quality began in 1948 when the company’s founder Marcello Danielli, first began working in the trade as a young boy and the the help of his wife, successfully launched his first product, mountain climbing boots. In the 1950’s, the company further grew due to its reputation for excellence and quality which ensured the brand to become a familiar name in the footwear industry throughout the Italian market.

Diadora is proud of its Italian heritage and the legions of World Class athletes who have chosen and continue to use Diadora products. For years top players at all levels have looked to Diadora for performance and styling. Using the finest materials and learned Italian craftsmanship, Diadora shoes offer superior fit and innovation. Several members of the World Cup Champion team from Italy wear Diadora and many of the top ranked tennis players also enjoy the Diadora experience.

Visit Diadora from the following links:

Diadora Website

Diadora on Wikipedia

Diadora Phils. Running Team

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