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BLFC's Flag Football on Run BGC 2011

Football is one physical sports that most Americans and Caucasians are famous for. I've been wondering with my small physique what would I turn out if ever I get a chance to play this such gruelling sports. Luckily, the B-League Football Club sporting the Flag Football was brought in the Philippines by Coach Joseph Pagulayan around the year 2009. This gives a chance for the not-so-sporty-body or narrow-shouldered people like me, to be able to enjoy a football sports, without the need for a monstrous bodily defense.

But the flag football is still to be popularized here in our homeland. And so on November 27, 2011, through partnership with Bonifacio Global City, flag football will be incorporated to their RunBGC 2011 - A Level Higher event. So for those joining, here's some points how will you defend your flag belts on the 3K and 5K flag football categories.

What is Flag Football

"Flag football is a version of American football, with a slightly different rule: instead of tackling players to the ground, the defensive team must remove a flag belt from the ball carrier, a trick known as deflagging, to earn a down." - Flag football finds a home in Quezon City

Flag Football on RunBGC 2011

The runner steps inside the flag football zone and gets fitted with a flagbelt. He cues up in his designated lane. A quarterback gives him the 'go signal' to sprint to the 5-yard marker. Runner turns back to face the quarterback who will throw him a football. Runner should try to catch the ball. Then turns around again to sprint to the end while defending his flags from the defender/s.

If the runner didn't catch the ball, he has to chase after it and pick it up.

If one or both of his flags get stolen by a defender, runner has to get it back. Worry not, the defender will let you have them and send you off.

Runner has to have his ball and flags before he completes his sprint to the end zone.

When he gets to the end zone, he then sprints back to the starting area with his flags and football to finish the course.

Runners hands the flagbelt and football to the marshall and is sent off to continue his race to the finish.

Pointing System

Points for the Flag Football race categories are converted to removal or addition of seconds depending on the result of the route. Runners will be given different colored bands which will represent the time removed (or added) as necessary. Make sure that you wear your bands at all times and only take them off after the race's awarding ceremonies.

Ball caught; Flags intact Minus 10 seconds
Ball caught; Flag/s pulled Minus 5 seconds
Ball dropped; Flags intact Minus 5 seconds
Ball dropped; Flag/s pulled Minus 0 second
Runner withdraws Runner not qualified for Podium finish

Runners will have to step on a time mat before entering the course. This will automatically stop the runner's time. As he leaves the course, he will have to step on the time mat again to start his time as he runs to the finish line.

The good news is, regardless of the length of time one stays in cue, his total race time will not get affected.


The Daily Tribune

RunBGC 2011 Media Kit

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