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Thorlos Athletic Socks

A premium performance and athletics socks have already reached our shores. One hundred percent made in the USA, Thorlos have been around for over 30 years now and offer various levels of protection for sports and physical activities.

No matter what the sport or physical activity, there are Thorlos Socks to suit the situation and protect the feet. Lightweight, mid-weight and heavy weight padding are available to suit the specific activity and the chosen sport, be it running, tennis, golf, basketball, mountaineering or just plain walking (For example, golf is not as demanding on the feet as tennis, so Golf Thorlos have mid-weight padding, while Tennis Thorlos have heavy weight padding).

Socks that have additional pads in the friction and impact points are recommended for foot protection by foot specialists. Socks that absorb moisture and keep feet dry are preferable over socks that get wet, lose their shape, bunch up and contribute to blisters.

Watch out for the grand launch and visit Thorlos in Facebook for more details.

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