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Adobo Run and Sapphire Run Race Kit Winners

I should be announcing the winners of the free race kits for the Adobo Run After Dark and the UPLB Sapphire Run later in the evening, but since I won't be online later until maybe tomorrow, I have to make the raffle this early. Also as you can see, there's not a lot of participants, so yeah, raffling should go next :)

With the presence of my honest conscience and the randomness of, the winners were based from the number generated by regardless of the comment's context. And without further ado, the lucky winners are....

1. Adobo Run After Dark: Among the 10 commenters with 10 valid comments, the drawn number is:

Congratulations ShootNRun!!!

2. UPLB Sapphire Run: Among the 4 commenters, there were only 3 valid comments excluding the comment of MinnieRunner. And the drawn number is:

Congratulations Gianimo!!!

To claim your race kit, kindly accomplish the registration forms from the following links and send it to me via my e-mail: runningatom710[at]gmail[dot]com, or shoot me a PM on my Facebook account.

Registration Forms:
Adobo Run After Dark
UPLB Sapphire Run


  1. Hindi man lang ako ni-link, sunget :P

    See you tomorrow! Text me.

  2. haha... pero nalaman mong anjan name mo :D

  3. yehey!!! Thanks Running Atom!!! will send you my registration soon!


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