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A Friend Indeed

A friend in the phone, doesn't makes me alone;
when things go wrong, the time will not be long!

A friend in deed, will sometimes need,
A dough to feed, but will leave you bleed!

People passed by, with my mind up in the sky;
seeking how to let cry, tear glands that are dry!

Truly many says "Friend!", but few are willing to lend,
ears that are bent, surely will make you mend!

A friend I always meet, will only give a greet;
heart dug in the pit, they'll never make it fleet!

A friend I never see, would always be in glee,
to cause my feeble knee, sturdy and make it free!

Peace is always near, whenever I feel and hear;
her soft voice in my ear, that makes the eye give a tear!

A friend away from sight, always near to give light,
in my mind there's a fright, blown away and made bright!

Background: 07Aug1999 @ 0140a, During the days when phone-palling is still the hype, finding new friends is easy. Question is, how would you know who's the real one?

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