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360 Fitness Club: Total Fitness Redefined

If you were like me who's been getting tired of the daily or regular set of gym workouts, don't you think it's time to find an alternate from those routines? I remember the first time I enrolled for a gym class at some "kanto" here in V.Luna neighborhood, I was so ecstatic and excited that I'm always early and willing to do anything the gym instructor would ask me to do. But the enthusiasm only lasted for exactly 6 months. Why? Because the gym closed! :)

Almost a year after, I once again enrolled on a much classy gym on a mall for one full year. With the price of membership, there's no way that I have to skip my schedule that even if I only have less than an hour left before the mall closes, I still make sure that I get to have my share of exercise on the gym. Aside from that, I've loved the shower and locker room which isn't available from the previous one. The mix of members taking up their own classes also gave me opportunity to meet and chat with other group of people and get my first up-close glance with some celebrities and journalists.

But the improvement on my body at the "kanto" gym as compared to the mall-gym, I could say is much better. The "kanto gym" gave me much better warm-ups and harder workouts and circuits, while the mall gym Instructor has been too worried that I might get myself injured if I regularly change my program every 3 months that at the end of the 1 year membership I enrolled, I only had one program that I followed not-so religiously!

A few months back, the aNR members (Adidas Nation of Runners) were given a chance for a five-day pass to try a circuit training at the 360 Fitness Club. I wasn't able to claim my pass but reading about the type of workouts they offer, I could say that it's one of a kind workout that you'll never get bored without, for less than an hour. A good one for people with hectic schedules (uh, like me?). Then last July 28, 2011, the people behind this very innovative Fitness Club opened their second branch at Makati. So for the people in the South, you're lucky to have a new door of Fitness Club opened right next at your neighborhood. (Now I hope they'll open a 3rd branch within the Quezon City (Timog) area for northern people like me).

So what really is 360 Fitness Club about? As the country’s first co-ed express fitness facility, 360 Fitness Club proves to be more than just your traditional gym. Their exercise philosophy revolves on providing people with fitness opportunities that are non-traditional, efficient and most importantly, effective. With the use of free weights, kettle bells, cables, exercise balls and many other exercise accessories, the club developed the 360 Circuit, which consists of 20 exercise stations that combine cardiovascular and strengthening exercises – a total body workout that will make members, tone, shape up and burn an average of 500 calories in a total of just 30 minutes each day.

Here's some more info from 360 Fitness Club's head Coach Christopher Callanta:

“We understand how difficult it can be for some to exercise regularly so we’ve developed various ways to keep our customers engaged to be fit. For as quick as only half an hour, we provide you a total body workout that’s practically equivalent to an hour’s exercise in a traditional gym setting.”

“Traditional gym workouts take longer because they usually use machines and work out only one muscle group at a time while our suspension training classes, just like our circuit, work out the entire body in one session,” Managing Director Joana Piñon adds. To keep their members constantly motivated, 360 Fitness Club also offers a wide range of group exercise classes. “We believe that variety keeps people from getting bored so we’ve introduced several classes that you won’t normally see in other gyms and fitness centers.” And true enough, where else would you find pole dancing classes taught by The Polecats, the country’s premier pole dancing group? Zumba, the only Latin-inspired dance fitness program that is now being offered in over 125 countries, is also available. 360 Fitness Club also offers yoga, suspension training, kickboxing and running classes, with many more new classes to be introduced.

Individual lessons are well coached
Whereas in most fitness centers, the members are left to do their exercises alone, 360 Fitness guarantees guided workouts aimed to also motivate and inspire rather than just mere demonstration of the exercises. Coaches are there to act as mentors, constantly challenging their members to push themselves.

Whatever your fitness goals are, 360 Fitness Club recognizes that it’s never easily achieved when done alone. As partners and experts in fitness, the club’s objective is to ensure that their members are constantly motivated, inspired and guided in order to reach these goals. Going beyond the physical exertion and making the entire experience a mental challenge and a way of life, 360 Fitness Club redefines what total fitness is all about and gives people that much-needed push to just keep on going.

Group exercises are also very well supervised
For more information about their classes and sessions, peek a visit and inquire at the following 360 Fitness Club address:

360 Fitness Club Makati
7/f Dolmar Gold Tower, C. Palanca St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
0917-5600360; 5777807

360 Fitness Club Ortigas
13th floor, Strata 100, F. Ortigas Jr. Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
0917-8600360; 9409575

The beautiful and handsome, yet athletic and knowledgeable Coaches of 360 Fitness Club


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