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We're Taking It Higher... Longer... Harder

Aug. 31, 1997 - the first time that I joined an official road race that I used to call Marathon, a 10K Kennon road-routed distance from my hometown. To date, the longest distance that I have covered so far was still my first Marathon at the TBR-DM 2010 - and still the last one. I finished that race without thoughts if I would still do it or not, but I was hoping (and the hope is still... somehow remained just until hope!).

I've ran that race for many good reasons, for health and fitness, the experience, the title, the discipline that the training would instill on me, and for the friends who've shown their support before, during, and after the feat. The right moment of seeing MinnieRunner (Madz) positioned a few kilometers away from the finish line gave me the nth wind for me to go on. The indescribable happiness as the finish line strap touched my chest while one of my treasured friend was there, eagerly waiting for me for more than five hours and who immediately tended to the aches and pains of my sweating body.

But ever since I've stepped on the starting lines of the many road races, the really mind-numbing, bone-burning, and body-shattering runs (if you get what I mean) were still out of my goal.

From E.R. to P.R.

One of my running buddy and officemate who have remained active after more than 3 years of getting influenced, who only once dreamed of being able to run - ChickenLegSaga (Leo) now has already done 3 Marathons - for the span of only 3 months. Addicted? Yes he is! As he recounts those experiences, he realized that it has helped him build a lot of confidence and self-esteem, and he was able to conquer his own goals through the hardwork and dedication that he learned from running.

Then on July 2, 2011, he was confined at the Philippine Heart Center. He was diagnosed with a mild heart attack so he stayed on the hospital bed for one week. That time, he thought he can no longer run anymore. I even got sad, and wanted to tell him he needed to run more. But I don't even know if that advice would still be applicable to his condition. Luckily, the second opinion of another Doctor two weeks after his hospitalization reversed everything that was instilled on his mind. It has been affirmed that the first diagnosis was wrong, and so quickly, he regained his composure knowing that it's not yet the end of his running career.

So What's Next?

Many of us wanted to be different, and some also wants to make a difference! Those titles of being a Runner are great but someday in your life, you'll feel that it is not enough. We realized that those things that gets you motivated won't really last for long! Sure every run is unique, every experience gives a different high and feeling of accomplishment, but like an all-year round adobo, you will soon get used to it, tastes gland would no longer appreciate the deliciousness of the varieties of Ilocano, Bicolano, or Tagalog adobo.

Now we want it to be more meaningful, more fulfilling, and much bigger than our personal reasons. We have already ran several races with all those personal reasons but hey, not again this time!

So on September 17, 2011, Leo and I will be running our very first short-distanced UltraMarathon (yeah let's call it short-distance to somehow lighten up our fear). It is going to be our first take on Ultra runs and "probably" our last also (no we're not going to die, why are you thinking that way?)! We are hoping that this day will mark a new beginning for both of us at the PAU-T2N. It will be a game of endurance, guts, with or without wits from Tagaytay to Nasugbu, Batangas. If you'll ask the seasoned Ultrarunners, the T2N distance of 50 kilometers is the shortest organized of those Ultra races so far (well I'm hoping that there would only be a 43km-distanced Ultramarathon), but for me and Leo, beginner as we are, this distance is already giving us shivers and nightmares (exaggerated on that last word)!

T2N will also be Leo's comeback race and he will run it with all his heart, and "heart" (wink).

As this will be a new feat to conquer for us, we know we wouldn't be able to finish it without greater motivation and inspiration. With this, the two of us have decided to offer our very first Ultra-race, and each give one of our feet for charity to two Organizations - for the love of running and our fellow human beings. We are hoping that through this race, we could raise funds for them. It's not for us to take, it's not for us to be recognized, but it's for these fellow beings poorer than us, poorer among the poor that we're going to take our chance in Ultrarunning, they will both serve as our motivation and inspiration! We believe that God gave us the passion to run and now its time for us to give back and let him use us to help others.

Give a Life Children's Charity
Anawim Lay Missions Foundation, Inc.
For my readers, friends, family and relatives, officemates, colleagues, and anybody out there who wants to help us raise donations (in kind or in cash) for these two Charity Organizations, you may course it through:
  1. Leo Manalaysay
  2. Allan Enriquez (Six:30 Running Group)
  3. Maridol Yabut (Team CB)
  4. Land Bank of the Philippines
  5. Alfredo Vedarozaga LTO East Ave. Branch Acct#: 1846-0168-52 (please send back a photo-capture of your deposit slip to:
We're not asking for any fixed or minimum amount, as each cent will be accounted for. You may also choose to donate from any of the following needs:
  • Food Stuff
  • Toiletries
  • Cleaning Materials
  • Medical Equipment
"Runners are real people. They don't run for money or recognition, they do it out of passion.... and running is a labor of love." - Dean Karnazes, UltraRunner


  1. I bet when you started running, it never crossed your mind that you'll someday be an ultra-marathoner hah.

    I'm sooooh proud of you Alfred. And I admire Leo for his dedication, in spite of what he's been through.

    How I wish I could join you two but unfortunately, I can only be with you in spirit.

    You can count on my support my friend. Tutal, nakikiusap na ang gobierno na ipapalit na ang mga natatagong barya sa alkansya, I will donate the contents of my piggy bank to your cause. It's not much I know but I'm sure you understand my situation. Given my present predicament, gusto ko pa rin tumulong sa abot ng aking makakakaya.

    Good luck! I will pray for the success of your first 50K.

    I'm planning to run the TBRDM next year. Hope you can join me. O baka naman peanuts na lang sa 'yo ang 42K???

  2. Tita Nora, ngayon pa lang po nagpapasalamat na ako ng lubos lubos! Pero sayang naman po ung Piggy bank. If you can save it, ok lang po kahit any from the basic needs such as Food Stuffs, Toiletries or Cleaning Materials. :)


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