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Gearing Up and Some Running Tips

Running races aren’t always about your speed or passing through the finish line, it goes beyond your physical abilities. Races are a great way to motivate yourself to get fit and can also be a platform for personal breakthroughs. Running makes you test your limits, but also makes you able to believe in yourself by taking control.

The race is not the only thing that is important. The preparation and training involved leading up to the race can prove even more exhilarating than the race itself. Many may not know how important it is to be ready on race day. With only a few months to go until the King of the Road race on October 23, most runners participating in the race are getting physically prepared to run the 5k, 16.8k and 21k course. You have to put a lot of thought into a lot of things – whether it’d be getting the proper running gear, eating a nourishing diet, and do so much more. Surely, nobody wants to cross the finish line exhausted and in pain.

Here are a few tips that can get you closer to being crowned as this year’s King of the Road.

Do your homework. A lot, or even just a teeny-tiny amount of research can help. Look at the route of the map and get a feel of what you will be getting yourself into. You can also look at the terrain to see the downhills, uphills, ridges, etc that can make an impact on your running performance. At least when you have an idea of where these spots are, you’ll be able to have a good indication of where the course gets tough.

Get the perfect shoe. There are all types of great running gear to get you through training. The first thing you’ll need is a new pair of running shoes. Without a good pair, you can expect lots of pains in your legs and lower back. When buying the right shoe, keep ventilation, cushioning and comfort in mind. Ask help from the sales associate about various choices today.

Carbs, carbs, and more carbs. Carbohydrates are the most common source of energy, so when preparing for a run, you really have to load up on the carbs. If you’re one of those people on a low-carb diet, you better stop now. The best sources of carbohydrates are fruits, sweets, soft drinks, bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, and cereals.

Never underestimate stretching. Most of the time, beginning runners finish a run and find themselves tight and sore, sometimes even resulting to a running injury. A 15-minute stretch after every run makes all the difference. The soreness is lessened, muscle flexibility is increased, strides are longer, and long term injury is prevented.

Listen to your body. A common error many runners make is underestimating the effort involved when training. When unprepared, you risk exposing your body to some serious running injuries. It is essential to listen to your body, slowly upping the mileage and adopting a method in which you alternate tough, thorough workout with rest or some soft, easy workouts, giving your body a lot of time to recover.

Remember, even after reading all these tips, you still have to prepare yourself mentally in finishing a personal breakthrough such as this.

Held in five countries across the region, the adidas KOTR will culminate in an ultimate championship race in its first ever host country, the Philippines, making it the ultimate race destination in Asia on October 23, at the Bonifacio Global City.

Check out this link and the Adidas KOTR 2011 FAQ for more details about this upcoming event. Other training tips from Adidas itself may also be found here.


  1. And what if you can't find the perfect shoe? Barefoot it? lol. Great Article man. Have a good one.

  2. haha, just don't find the perfect shoe (but is there really a perfect shoe?), instead try to look for the "perfect fit" :)

    Thanks for visiting Sir Kenley :)

  3. awesome tips! guilty ako ng about 3 things dyan.. haha!


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