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The Day When I Tapped-Out From the Saints

I could still remember some of those magnificent moments last year whenever I triumph over the saints, each time the saints praised me (I think), and even one-time when I almost looked-down on those saints, bearing in my mind that "it's just a saint (street), but I'm a runner". Gaining victory at the peak of those saints has always been challenging but fulfilling to me as well. It was during those striding moments against the saints that I get to reminisce and relive my College running and training days in Baguio.

I'm talking about the famous hills-training ground of aNR Ortigas-Pearl -- the St. Paul and St. Martin streets in Pasig. And yes, I also trained from those roads together with the other members of aNR Ortigas 1st season lead by Luis Arcangel (hey, long time no see) and Drew Llanes.

With Team Life before the race
Last Sunday, July 17 2011, Pocari Sweat, organized by PepSquad Events, gave their participants a new and exciting route beginning at the Frontera Verde in Tiendesitas, Ortigas. Thereon, the runners had a one of their joyous and challenging 10K route being able to take-on a down-up-down-up race through the hills of St. Martin, St. Paul, and Julia Vargas in Pasig. It was the highlight of the 10K race course after-all that even Ms. Tia of PepSquad wanted to join the race if not for her duty to make this race successful for the runners.

My lack of regular training (is that an excuse?) has kept me this time from conquering these steep inclines of our training ground. Although, as with my previous races, it helps having to make some runner among the participants as your target goal. And this time, it was Reylynne (a TBR batchmate) whom I targeted to chase for. Our gap however did not even close to a meter throughout the route, and if I could accurately estimate, I only got to chase her while going down from St. Martin at a gap of only 3-4 meters. The going-up part has become so challenging to me that I tapped-out in the middle, choosing to walk twice during the ascent on these two hill-climbing roads. Although I gave these roads the honor for busting our lungs during those aNR sessions, this time I did not gave the glory back to these saints 'coz each time I reach their peak, it made me decide that I would still be coming back and re-train... hopefully soon!

Towards the Finish Line. Thanks to Greentennial Photos
The race turned out successful, with the presence of Jasmine Curtis - Pocari Sweat's product model and endorser, the runners had their wonderful smiles and photo-op with her (and so do I). ;)

The Marshals all over the route have managed very well the traffic of vehicles and runners. Hydration was of course, not just ample but more than enough of Pocari and water. Finisher's shirt was also given to all, and some more Pocari Sweat.

Race Profile:
Distance: 10 km.
Official Time: 0:52:45
Official Ranking: 15th out of 249 overall category Finishers

Race Info:
When: July 17, 2011.
Where: Frontera Verde, Tiendesitas, Ortigas
Event: Pocari, Sweat, Run 2011

You may download the race results here or from PepSquad's website.

with Ms. Tia of PepSquad Events
Chocolate and Milk equals new flavor of Pocari ;)
More photos can also be viewed from IT Runner's fanpage.


  1. Hahaha! I didn't know you were chasing me pala in that race. Congrats Running Atom! ;) Im sure next time, ikaw naman ichechase ko ;)It was nice seeing you and thanks for the pix and support ;)

  2. I am Reylynne, hehe, and it was good. Buti na lang andun ka :)
    Thank you too and see you again on next races.


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