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VFF Sprint - A Quick Review

After the product and media launch of BarefootWear Inc’s Vibram FiveFingers footwear last September 22, 2010, I have been alternately using the VFF Sprint between running (road run, vertical run, beach run), gym, casual walks, swimming, wall climbing, - and also apartment wall climbing (when I changed our ceiling lamp).

VFF Sprint
Photo courtesy of Jhong Medina
The farthest distance that I was able to run with my VFF sprint was a 21 kilometer steady run last December 2010, following the route from V.Luna to UP Diliman via Teacher's Village and C.P. Garcia, then to Lagro, Fairview via Commonwealth Ave. After this craze run, it only took me around three days before my calves completely recovered as compared to almost a week during the first few days of running on it and getting used to barefoot running with VFF.

Gray and Pink VFF (both available for Women size only)
Wearing a VFF compared to wearing a rubber shoe or running shoe on the gym during weight lifting sessions and leg-strength trainings also feels much better. I could move with much freedom, and I could also stretch my legs and feet much freely during the cool-down or stretching sessions.

Although I haven't tried yet the VFF sprint on trekking or mountaineering, it is still much better wearing a VFF shoe compared to trekking in pure naked-barefoot. Feeling the pebbles and small stones, as well as the ground's temperature doesn't really hurt that much, instead it feels therapeutic on the feet (free foot massage).

First VFF Sprint's run at Thunderbird Resort's Ondoy No More
As for wall climbing, well obviously, the toes of the VFF are big help to easily maneuver between each climbing holds (the colorful wall climbing component where we hold on to or step through).

Climbing the Wall obstacle during the Men's
Health Urbanathlon and Festival 2010
At the 1st aNR 5th Sunday Run - sprinting on a VFF sprint
Since the VFF sprint doesn't cover much of the upper part of the feet, sands and small pebbles could easily get inside.

Beach side running on VFF Sprint
The long-term beauty that I could see for the VFF sprint is that, when the time comes that the sole have already worn out and can no longer be used for road running, it will still be very useful indoors such as when you are in a yoga class, weight lifting, martial arts class, and etc. All in all, the Vibram FiveFingers Sprint is a superb choice for an almost all-around activity, both indoors and outdoors.

Visit JustNoWings for a more comprehensive review.

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