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Heart or Mind

Image from Mitchebie
Why is getting near you,
a hard thing for me to do?
Being near you, only makes me blue,
that makes my heart, turning from you!

Why couldn't the heart, tell what is true,
if I really am, the right one for you?
Emotions that aren't sure,
keeps the feelings from being pure!

Why can't I, control the intensity,
of the love, that shouldn't be?
Your appeal is always with me,
that makes the heart, in good melody!

Why is man's inspiration,
has a lot of limitation?
Minds without enough reason,
lets the heart, rule the emotion!

Background: 17Jul1999 @ 1030p, On confusions of a young mind, what should rule? Is it the heart or the mind? Poem inspired by a certain "Floralyn S."!


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