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Don't Worry, Just Run Happy

Last Sunday, May 22, 2011 marked the first year anniversary of my Full Marathon debut at the TBR Dream Marathon 2010. As I went back to the memory lane of that fateful day, I've come to realize that nothing much has changed, or rather, nothing much has improved in me. That was my first Marathon and it still is up to this very moment. What happened? I lost focus as I may say!

Mel and Jay
At the same time, last Sunday was also my first race under the summer heat and my first 10k also for this year. Yes, I know a lot of runners have already soaked and added more tan-lines, I did too, but not with running. My ultra-sensitive skin got burned during the trekking at Mt. Cabuyao and Mt. Sto. Tomas in Baguio last April, and during my family's three days getaway to Bohol last April. I really did escaped from the Metro's summer heat. My races and most of my run-trainings last April was treaded in Baguio where I also tried to find a re-route from the inner doodlings of my mortality - whatever it is!

Ok, going back to last Sunday (of April, no, just this previous Sunday of May - the 22nd), after more than a month of not having stepped at the BGC routes and having not greeted the sun's smiling face, there I'm back again on a road race for the Brooks Run Happy. Compared to May 22 of 2010, I was more than out of shape, out of fitness, out of preparation and training. A few nights before this race, I was "relaxingly worried" that my body might collapse before arriving at the finish line due to lack of runs, heat, and strength trainings. Add to it that I've been feeling some sudden chest pains for about three (3) weeks already. What's more funny is I even thought that I am registered to run a 15km distance that I almost got angry when I saw that my race bib was only for 10K. When I checked my registration form still attached to the race kit, I saw my own penmanship and check mark on the '10K' distance category. Mind boggling!

Jay with Team Logan, reminiscing their TBR experience
So just before we headed to the starting line, I decided to leave my hydration belt and just gulped 230ml from one bottle of my hydration. Anyway, my body has been trained for dehydration for the past few days as I kept forgetting to drink ample amount of water. I kept myself loaded though with alcoholic-calories! Bad runner ain't I?

In contrast, meeting some of my loyal fans - I mean friends during races makes me feel glad and renewed. The presence of Jay - Leo's cousin, Leo - who's been my constant running-buddy ever since I came back to running, Mish (together with her family) - who kept on inspiring me with her flattering greetings, and uhmm... nobody else around, just three of them this time! At the starting line, we've also met Team Logan (Craig, Justin, and Michelle) who's been my constant chatmates at every starting lines since the Eye Run 'coz I Care. I was also surprised to see Ms. Marcia Cruz of HDI Network (Bodivance) who braved her first 10K - nice meeting you again and congratulations for a strong finish, 1:11 - amazing for a first.

At the race proper, the 15K runners should have been already out from the corral at 5:30AM, unfortunately, for some reasons (as I heard the hydration stations have not yet been... stationed), they were released at around 5:50AM I think. And we, 10K runners were released after more than 8 minutes from the 15K runners' gun-time. Talk about racing under the heat. The yellow race singlet also stood out and added more intensity to the sun's yellow rays. As for the hydration, well, I'm really thankful that I got used to dehydration (but hey, this is not advisable) as I get to finish without needing much cold water or sports drink. I also cannot gulp much water since water feels heavier on the tummy, so I only gargled some to release my sticky-yucky-saliva.

Lack of marshals, kilometer markers, hydration, freebies -- I wasn't bothered much with the lack of these things. Maybe because my last two (2) races which were held in Baguio was also as simple as this one. I even remember all my first few races, the runners were not as demanding as today for these tidbits and perks. As long as we finish the race in good condition, it is already a great race. We would even expect that there will be "fatalities" during the race (lol) - such as limping towards the finish line, DNF (did not finish) for reasons of injury or quitting in the middle of the race, and etc. Self-sufficient - that's how I could describe the runners of before (sigh, my age is showing!). Anyway, there were still ample amount of not-so-cold Pocari Sweat for the runners at the finish line; loot bags with Nova biscuit and hygienix alcohol; and other sponsor booths which I have no longer get to visit. Every race is unique at its own, just like every individual runner is. I guess we need to learn that not all races are Rio-standard races. Also, expecting too much only breeds disappointments - true in every essence of life (even with love life, ask Papa Jack!).

Phenomenal friends from ARC Phils. - it's not just a Running store, it's a Runner's circle
In contrast, high points for Brooks for the medal, singlet, the registration fee, the 'Run Happy' advocacy, and for staging this event as fund-raiser for the Quezon Province Livelihood Bldg. Project under the myShelter Foundation hood.

Happy medals for everyone
Just before going home, we stayed for a while to partake with the free taho (3 cups of taho is equivalent to 1 cup of gatorade, just kidding!), witness (and hoping to be lucky) the raffling of Brooks shoes, and other more items from the different sponsors. Going home, me, Leo, and Sir Rene were still happy for another good run.

And oh, I also want to commend one of my previous 'ex' whom I met at the finish line (ex-officemate, silly you!) - Joyce Prestoza, and Rafael Patag - one of the Site Support of our office. So really glad whenever I see some friends or colleagues who have taken up running as one of their joyous habits.

Joy's first run with her friends.
At the starting line with Ms. Marcia
Photo credit to Greentennial Team

Race Profile:
Distance: 10 km.
Official Time: 0:55:12
Official Ranking: xx out of xx overall category Finishers

Race Info:
When: May 22, 2011.
Where: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Event: Brooks Run Happy 2011

Official race results can be viewed there ------------> over here.

Nobody can dictate us not to be happy. Happiness is a decision. - Dr. Aira


  1. good read!! nice to see you there friend!!

  2. Hi Bave, 'twas nice seeing you there also. And congrats to your podium finish. I tried to leave a comment on your blog but it seems wordpress' having problem posting my comment.


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