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2nd Qtr Discount Coupon Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the following lucky subscribers who joined and won from my second quarter discount coupon giveaways.

For this quarter, since only one of the total valid subscribers have mentioned what their discount coupon wish is, the remaining three coupons were randomized through The resulting random number was matched from my subscriber's list in order. I excluded the first e-mail subscriber from the raffling since, I own that e-mail address. Hence, here are the result:

Timex 15% discount Coupon - Ed Diente

Mizuno Php500.00 off discount Coupon - Eden Castro (subscriber #8)

The North Face 10% discount Coupon - Joel Baluyot (subscriber #15)

Figaro FREE 8oz Hot drink Coupon - Engr Paulo Marquez (subscriber #10)

Drop me an e-mail (GMail: runningatom710) so we could coordinate when and where you could claim your discount vouchers.

Congratulations to all of you! More to come...


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