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A Surprise Present from Oishi

Whenever time comes when I am in a low mood state due to some electrical-pulse or mechanical changes in my body (yes I'm an android), human life gets in and it seems to know how to uplift my very core, even in a little way, but enough to re-electrify my wirings for a few moment. Well, I'm speaking figuratively, but yes that's how I could describe it (Ok, I'm just over-acting on this paragraph).

Life's surprises sometimes comes in a box and a paper-bag.
Just a while ago, I received a box and a big paper hand-bag full of assorted products from Oishi. I was surprised since and didn't expect that there's a follow-up giveaway after my previous product review with Smart C+. The box contains 24 bottles of Oishi pomelo grapefruit Smart C+ juice drink, while the paper bag contains an assortment of Oishi products like Marty's, Sponge Crunch, Bread Pan, and this new wonderfully flavored Wafu ("gwapo" as my officemates called it) cream-filled waffle sticks, and the new flavor of Marty's bacon strips chicharon.

The snacks has already been munched before I get to take a good photo!
As the present entered the office, people thought I won a contest from this popular TV show Willing-Willie as they saw me carrying the big paper hand-bag marked with Oishi, and full of those assorted snack products. My boardmate's kasambahay even thought I just came from the station/show. And what will complete the day of having surprisely blessed from a Company (Oishi/Liwaway Marketing Corp.) which I barely encountered physically? Of course to share that same blessing.

What caught my officemate's taste buds (and audible sensitory) is the new snack product called "Wafu". I wasn't able to taste it, as there wasn't one left for me, but based from their reactions, they surely loved it (Sshhhh, there's still an extra box of Wafu that I hid. Lucky Aizen)!

In behalf of everyone, we express our gratitude by
saying "Oishi" while taking this shot!.
Thanks once again to Oishi and Liwayway Marketing Corporation.


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