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Last Man Running

A common title for the fittest, or strongest, or fiercest, or to someone who solely survived a recently concluded war is called "Last man standing"; while for the one who seems to have the most available tank in an eating-contest, he is the "Last man eating". On the race results of every running event, some of us might give a glimpse about the last participant who last crossed the finish line. In any running event, if you are the last man who will be crossing the finish line, you are the "last man running", while the tarpaulins, banners, stage, sponsor booths, and other participants have already packed or are already home. As the last runner, you only get praises of your friends and buddies for still being able to cross the finish line.

But on this coming February 20, 2011, an event solely for the "Last Man Running" will be held. All you have to do is... to run, until you're the only one left running. And unlike the common races, as the last runner, you will be hailed the "Last Man Running King", plus a generous cash prize also awaits your pocket-size blisters.

How can you be enlisted as one of the King contenders? Easy, aside from exercise and training, make yourself durable for the event through Deanol for mental potency, Korean phanax ginseng for endurance, and Royal jelly for youthful vitality. Where can you find this? Only from Rogin-E!

To give you more idea about the event, read some excerpts of the event's Press Release below.
...heralded as the ultimate race for endurance - a marathon meant to test the limits of a man's athletic prowess in direct competition with everyone else on-track.... As the name suggests the object of the race is to literally be the last man running, effectively outlasting everyone else while managing to keep a running pace all throughout.

Last Man Running is definitely unique as marathons go. Virtually a first in the Philippine running scene, Last Man Running brings into fore not only the endurance of the body against time but also the endurance of the will against the will of others.... This kind of physical and mental durability is something you strive for. It is something you work hard for to develop.

The Rogin-E Last Man Running is a three-event race which will feature 5KM run, 10KM run and the main event, the Last Man Running.

This marathon is designed to test the endurance of Rogin-E users. The challenge is for the participants to go as far as they can because this race has no finish line! It’s not about how fast but how far.
If you are already challenged enough, read more of the details of how you can be "enlisted" as the 2011 King of Last Man Running.

WHEN: February 20, 2011
WHERE: Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill
HOW: From the period of January 7 to February 20, 2011, customers who purchase a Rogin-E bottle at ANY DRUGSTORE will be entitled to join the Rogin-E Last Man Running.

To register, customers must keep their receipts as proof of purchase and show it at Rogin-E Last Man Running registration booths at the following venues:
  1. Mercury Drug:
    • Trinoma Mall (Jan 7-9; Feb 11-13; Feb 18-19)
    • Glorietta 3 Makati (Jan 7-9; Jan 14; Jan 21-23; Jan 28; Feb 4)
    • Market Market! BGC (Feb 4-6; Feb 11-13; Feb 18-19)
  2. Watson
    • MOA (Jan 14-16; Jan 29-30)
    • SM North EDSA Main (Jan 21-23; Feb 4-6)
    • SM Megamall B (Jan 15-16; Jan 28-30)
  3. ROX - BHS (Feb 1-13 @ 3:00 to 8:00 PM)
  • Walk-in must purchase a Rogin-E bottle at registration booths during the event.
    Once receipt is presented, customers must fill out the registration form which covers a waiver of liability.
  • For those joining the endurance run, an additional copy of a race result page of a full marathon (42.195km) or a race longer than a 42.195km marathon (held within the last 6 months prior to the Rogin-E event) indicating his/her name as proof or a certification from a physician indicating fitness to participate in an athletic competition is required.
5K - 6:00 AM
10K - 5:45 AM
LMR - 4:00 AM
Trophy for the LMR King
LMR Finishers' and top 5K and 10K Runners' medal
You may read the FULL MECHANICS for each race category by downloading the registration form here.


  1. Hi Arvin, thanks.. and I'm hoping that we could see each other soon in one of the races. :)


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