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Born Love

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Can Love wither...,
like a grass in the prairie,
and the weeds under the sea?
Grass withers and grass grows,
weeds sprouts and weeds dies;
Like the cycle of our life,
so, is this feeling of love!

Would Love fade...,
like the cold, in summer,
and the warmth, in winter?
Wind ceases and wind impels,
warmth departs and warmth situates;
Like the air that we breathe,
so, is this feeling of love!

What would Love be...,
If the faith remains throughout,
and the compassion increases?
Oh, the love won't wither,
nor the love would vanish!
Like the strength of the mountain rest,
so, is this feeling of love!

Where would Love be...,
As you seek for dough,
and assets for being;
Seek ye also the love in me,
which would be unto thee;
Like the Father's word that last,
so, is this feeling of love!

Love would be...
this feeling of love,
would forever and ever would be,
Love for eternity...

Background: 14Jan1999 @ 0505a, An inspiration from a lady named M***e*n after a full night of telebabad...


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