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Condura Skyway Marathon

I could still remember some of the moments during the 3rd Condura Run. It was my 21st race, and that debut has also been a big basket of memories for me. To reiterate from my 2010 Condura Run race recap, it was during this event that the following two simple, yet memorable things happened:

1. The first time that I met a runner-blogger - that's Kassy Pajarillo, and since then we've been very good friends together with his loving boo. ;)

2. One runner accidentally covered our nice group photo, but later on, this runner become one of our good friend - that's Mish Quirolgico.

That's what I gain from running -- Dolphins, I mean.... FRIENDS!

Condura Run 2010 (photo courtesy of CaptainRunner)
A few months from now, Condura will stage their 4th running event. From Condura Run, the event will be re-branded to a much better identity, much bigger, and better Skyway run to be known as one of the premiere marathon event in the Asia-Pacific region by year 2012 - The Condura Skyway Marathon.

So what's there for us for the Condura Skyway Marathon?

For me, this race will be special once again, since I will be running my 2nd Marathon in this event, and this race is going to be my golden race (50th race count since I started running and went back from a decade of hiatus).

Then as we all know, from the time Condura sets off their first run, they already have an advocacy. The first of which benefitted the Park Rangers of our famous Tubattaha Reef (UNESCO World Heritage Site); The second event made the tourists of Sorsogon aware about the Donsol Whalesharks (commonly known as 'Butanding'), (thru ABS-CBN Foundation) through the construction of facilities for eco-tourism; while the 2010 Condura run benefitted, for the first time, the Dolphins of Pamilacan, Bohol (thru Ayala Foundation) where a Condura wharf was constructed for easy and safe boarding of the bancas for Dolphin watching.

We support and love the Dolphins (photo courtesy of Ms. Vimz)
Now, this time, the advocacy is for a much better purpose, which is also for the Dolphins of Bohol. Each runner registered for the race, gets to automatically donate Php 50.00 for the funding of scientific research, eco-tourism, and creation of livelihood opportunities for the people at Baclayon, Bohol that will help protect our precious Dolphins.

Not enough to convince you? Here are 13 MORE reasons why you should run in the Condura Skyway Marathon:

1. Run for the Dolphins.
2. Every runner gets a medal.
3. Special edition Dolphin shirt.
4. D-Tag technology.
5. Breakthrough e-Reg system.
6. 16K new race category.
7. First 10K on the skyway
8. New 21K route.
9. Run the new extended Skyway!
10. Fun route for the 3K and 5K runners around BGC
11. 2 Starts, 1 Finish
12. Lots of freebies and giveaways!
13. The top 3 Filipino (male & female) runners for the 42K and 21K categories will also be given special prize.

Ok, still not convinced? Why are you such whiny? Here's the most wonderful reason why you should join the Condura Skyway Marathon: You'll get to have your own "Dolphins", no kidding! As many as you can, not just two like what I gained from my previous Condura race. ;)

Cute friends, aren't they?
For more race information, race maps, registration details, please visit the Condura Skyway Marathon website.


  1. I feel sad that I will miss this event this year =( kaya nag giveaway nalang ako ng race kit hahaha! have fun! =)

  2. Hi Ms. Julie, sana po maka-uwi ka para maka-takbo ka sa Skyway next year. So generous of you to be giving away race kits, late ko na nabasa ung giveaway contest, sasali sana ako, hehehe...

  3. totoy na totoy ka pa dito pedz! haha memories talga ha... but seriously, condura is worth supporting. we can see kasi talaga yung effort and may pinupuntahan yung bayad sa races

  4. @James, oo nga, ibig sabihin after just 11 months, ang laki na ng itinanda ng hitsura ko, lol!
    Yes, I also think it was Condura Run that made most of the filipino and running populace came to know about the Tubattaha Reef and the Butandings.

  5. If people don't get convinced with this list of reasons why they should run at this event, i don't know what will! This is gonna be my first Condura Run and I bet it's gonna be a great experience for me too. See you on at the Skyway! :)

  6. @Angel, definitely. See you also at the skyway! :)

  7. advance merry christmas and a happy new year............

  8. @pedz, kaya full support tayo sa condura! at sana may mag-support din sa training at race proper natin come d-day. haha

  9. @Arvin, merry Christmas too. Hope to see you soon on races. :)

  10. @James, let's collect Dolphins on Feb. 6, hehehe... oo nga eh, solo flight tayo for this race unlike TBR na may bitbit akong 2 support, hehehe...

  11. Parang ikaw ang binitbit namin nun ni MinnieRunner after mong sabihing "I'm dead" Lol! I'm willing to support you again, pero register mo ko dito ng 10K haha

    @JJ nag cheer ako sayo nun TBR nyo may picture ka pa nga sakin so nag support din ako pwede ko ulit gawin un hati nlng kayo ni RA sa reg fee ko dito bwahahaha


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