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Best 'PR' at The Rock

Eternal Flame of Freedom
Before the year 2010 ends with a bang, the last race I joined for this year ended very well with a great fire on my legs, as well as with the camera. It is my year-ender race, but definitely not the type of race which I could just "scrap out" from my running milestones.

Up until now, the runner's high that this race left me still lingers. I can still feel from my feet the trails which surprised me, and the killer hills on the final 3k which really tested my will. The wonders of the island that rocked my soul, and the history behind Corregidor, will now forever live in my heart.

Words cannot express it more! Nevertheless, let the photos form the words for you about this great adventure, a test of will, endurance, strength, with a great history to tell, an incomparable race of the year.

I decided to make the run in "picture race" mode as soon as I got a glimpse of the beauty of the island along the route. If you are one of the participants, you will never race this race with your feet. But like what I did, you will let your heart flow with the history as you traverse the route. This is my best PR - the best "picture race" I had.

Congratulations to everyone who was rocked by this magnificent island. And also a special mention of Congratulations to RunnerIshi, who have conquered her first 6k, 7k, 10k, 15k, 16k, and 21k, only in this race. You made us envy of your great accomplishment!

Corregidor Island, a relic of war, and a living witness of the Philippine history, have now been a part of me!

Race Profile:
Distance: 21 km.
Official Time: 2:23:09
Official Ranking: 94th out of 306 Finishers

Race Info:
When: Dec. 19, 2010.
Where: Corregidor Island, Bataan
Event: Corregidor International Half Marathon 2010

Overall race result may also be downloaded here.


  1. picture pace pa yun ganung time? bilis kaya. at natawa ako dun kay ishi, haha nung nakita ko kasi syam naglalakad nlng. so dapat race wlaking sya. ay walking tour pala.
    congrats, nakakainggit kayo

  2. nice CIHM collage amigo and salamat sa mga pagkuha mo ng pics sa akin during the race. like you, i got a good picture-picture pace PR :)

    i hope to see you on future races. merry christmas na din! hehe

  3. @James, kita mo naman time nung mga mamaw, may kasama na un silang picture pace, hehe... walking tour nya nga yun, first among the first nya dahil never pa syang nag-race ng more than 5k, hehe..

  4. @edongski, you are welcome. It was nice running and taking photos with you. Merry Christmas also and see you on the next race, what's your next? :)

  5. thanks thanks RunningAtom! @JJ yaan mo next time hindi mo na ko makikita naglalakad sa mga races... eto na kasi ung last race ko LOL!

  6. just passing through.. nice blog!

  7. me thinks asan un PR? :p 'picture race' pala, heheh...

    galing! ikaw na ang multi-tasker photog/runner. :D

  8. @FFS, thanks for passing by, hope to run with you soon! :)

    @Mekinudols, oo picture race nga ang ibig sabihin ng PR, hehehe... bakit di ka pa rin tumatakbo uli? :)


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