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My Birthday Race Giveaway

As you have read from the title, yes, I'll be giving away FREE RACE KITS for the 2nd McHappy Day Fun Run which will be held on my day of birth - November 28. The race will take place at McKinley Hills, Fort Bonifacio Taguig at 5:00AM.

Fun Run Details:

Race Beneficiary:
Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC)

Distances to choose from:
500m (for kids 7 years old and below); 3K Individual; *3K Family; 5K; 10K

Lucky commenter on this post will get their free race kit, which includes:
1. Race Bib
2. McHappy Day Reminders with Route Map
3. Meal Stub

Race Schedule:
Assembly Time: 5:00 AM
Gun Start: 10K – 5:30 AM; 5K – 5:50 AM; 3K – 6:00 AM (Individual and Family); 500m 6:30 AM.

Prizes and medals will be given to the winners during the Awarding Ceremony. For more race details, you may visit this post.

Let us all be Happy on McHappy Day and my Birthday

How To Qualify for the Giveaway

Since it is my birthday, I will not let you answer some questions or do a lot of "liking" on some posts. All you have to do is:

Promote the event on your social network (blog, twitter, facebook, friendster, etc.) by posting the following message (together with the link):
McDonalds to hold it's 2nd McHappy Day Fun Run on Nov. 28, 2010.
After doing so, let me know that you already did by posting a comment below this post, together with your promotion link, your FULL NAME and PREFERRED DISTANCE.

The WINNERS will be picked through on November 21, 2010 11:59PM.

More Chances:
And since it is my birthday, I am giving more chances for you to win by doing any of the following, and leaving a comment for each:

a. Follow my blog by clicking on the 'FOLLOW' button located at the right sidebar of this blog. Then let me know by posting a comment below such as: "Hey Atom, I do follow you, follow you wherever you... may go!". (+1 additional entry/comment)

b. Follow me on twitter (@RunningAtom). (+1 additional entry/comment)

c. Add me to your blogroll. (+1 additional entry/comment)

Contest Rules

1. You may post each of your entry on a separate comment. That means more entries, more comments, more chances for you to win.

2. Each participant can only win once. If in case a participant win more than once, the other winning slot will be re-raffled.

3. Only the individual races category are qualified for the giveaway. This is for me to be able to give more race kits not only to one household/family.

4. Don't forget to post your FULL NAME and PREFERRED DISTANCE together with your comment for each entry.

This giveaway will run until November 21, 2010 at 11:59PM so keep posted for the announcement of winners and how to claim your race kit by next week.


  1. alfred, i am now following you and on my blogroll. does this mean i get 2 raffle entries? ;) will be promoting this event on my blog so i'd get my 3rd entry :)

  2. Ehem, I promoted this in my profile and in my fanpage. So that's 2 raffle entries too? Hehe.

    Hmm, in any case,
    Allan Ray C. Enriquez 3k lang so I can enjoy the sight of family and kids enjoying. Hehe.

  3. hi mr alfred..i promoted this in my profile. ko na kau finofollow sa twitter..hehe nagtweet ndn about Mchappy day fun run :)

    I'm krizia Bernadette Villaverde 5k.Since august nagstart nko mag join ng fun run and im enjoying it.thanks.

  4. ei! runningatom, i have posted this on my faceboo, followed your blog and followed your tweets = 3 entries hehe

    Marvin Trilles , 5K... thanks!

  5. I love it! uso na din ang giveaway jan =) That said, I really shouldn't be commenting here even if I'm a follower coz I'm just gonna mess up the count haha! just choose another winner in case spits out my number =) Happy Birthday =)

  6. hi running atom! i want to run for free, give me 1 slot please :)I want to run in 3k category. this will be my advance birthday gift to my son because he can enjoy the mascots and activities for kids during the event.

    im michelle nibalvos :)

  7. i posted the event on my twitter --!/roryalcantara/status/5266473006141441

    Rory Alcantara, 10k :)

  8. Hello Atom! Dati na kong follower ng blog mo. Counted pa rin ba? Plus 1 point pa rin? :)

    Rory Alcantara, 10k!

  9. Tapos, I just started following you on my twitter. So plus 1 ulit? Gusto kong manalo dito, obvious ba? :D

    Rory Alcantara, 10k!

  10. Matagal ka na ring nasa blogroll ko, ever since I started it. So paano yun, plus 1 pa rin ha! yehey!

    Rory Alcantara, 10k!

  11. I posted the event on my FB wall too, shared to everyone. :)

    Rory Alcantara, 10k!

  12. I use plurk more often than twitter. So I plurked about the event too!

    Rory Alcantara, 10k! =)

  13. Already followed you on twitter and posted the event on my fb:!/profile.php?id=609647172

    Michelle Nibalvos, 3k category

  14. Here's another one. I blogged about it!

    Let me win pls! haha!

    Rory Alcantara, 10k =)

  15. eto pa! the event is also posted on my daily mile account! todo na 'to! =D

    Rory Alcantara, 10k =)

  16. i have another blog pala that i also maintain so i posted the event there also:

    Rory Alcantara, 10k

  17. ubos na ata bala ko. happy birthday, atom! :D

    Rory Alcantara, 10k -- hahaha! na-carried away na ko!

  18. as per your advise, im posting another comment para maging dalawa ung entry ko. will be asking for the 500m race kit. para sa pamangkin ko. salamat!

  19. Hey, it's that damn Ronald guy in big red shoes again. lol. Hope all is going well. I am assuming this is open to just the Philippines, unless you wanna give me my prize in March. hehehe. Take care Mr. Atom.

  20. hi running atom..fnolow na kita d2 sa blog mo..happy bday..please 3k 0 5k lng..hehe thanks :) goodluck sa race 2m..the best runrio :)

  21. sir alfredo..please ako nlng..hahaha advance happy bday :) finofolow kita sa twitter.
    3k 0 5k thanks :)

  22. running atom friend tau sa facebook :)hehe happy bday..godbless more power.. :)

    3k 0 5k

    -krizia villaverde

  23. hi running atom..happy bday :) goodluck sa takbo unilab :) go go go :) since today ung takbo ko sa unilab , kaw 2m..d tau ngkita..hehe pg nanalo ko my chance na mgkita tau..haha fnofollow kita sa twitter :)

  24. happy bday day to you..happy bday day to you happy bday happy bday happy bday to you :) hehe

    3k o 5k :)

    thanks :)

  25. running atom..ako nlng kasi..haha last na to..haha happy bday..
    see you :)

  26. Di ako makakasali pero I am wishing na maging succesful ang event na'to because it's for a good cause :D

    More power to you, RunningAtom, and hello to Nessa :D


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