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Mother Nature - A Health Expert

Modern life is full of contradictions. Interest in natural wellness is at an all-time high – and so are stress levels. A 24/7 lifestyle and perpetual multi-tasking leads us to demand maximum return from every peso and every calorie.

Yet for most urbanites, 100% health perfection is simply not realistic. Our daily trip to work exposes us to toxins and pollution; sleeplessness, convenience food and inadequate exercise are facts of modern office life.

Funny then, to fight these new ills with wisdom from an old source: Mother Nature. In the days when “organic” was the rule rather than the exception, balanced health could be found as close as the family garden. Humble, homegrown malunggay kept generations of Pinoys hardy and strong, without ever setting foot in a gym.

MLO: Make Life Outstanding
From that inspiration comes MALUNGAI LIFE OIL: an all-natural supplement that unlocks the disease-fighting powers of moringa olifera in extracted, highly concentrated oil. A product of proudly Filipino company Manila Nature’s Link, Malungai Life Oil is the only oilbased malunggay supplement in the market today.

Rich in Vitamin C, calcium, antioxidants and essential amino acids, malunggay has long been associated with benefits that are more relevant than ever. These include higher energy, increased immunity, and helping to manage three of today’s main health concerns: blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol.

In fact, while it is still being studied, malunggay oil also shows promise not only in preventing cancer but in easing the painful effects once it is already developed.* The key to it all is chlorophyll, engine of the plant’s powerful conversion of energy. By distilling both seeds and leaves into a pure, cold-pressed oil, MLO maximizes malunggay’s chlorophyll and renders it, in the words of a medical expert, “preserved, conserved and available.”

This means that malunggay’s health benefits can be delivered with more stability and consistency than in the dried powder that was previously available. So you get a synergistic combination of nutrients which normally can be obtained only from separate food sources.

MALUNGAI LIFE OIL. Pure, potent power from Mother Nature – in convenient, concentrated form, perfect for getting the most out of life.

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* Phytonutrients [are] present in the leaves of the moringa tree. These leaves are exceptionally rich in chlorophyll and many potent antioxidant flavonoids… A pressing question is, therefore, whether ingesting… “Moringa Life Oil” derived from these leaves can significantly reduce the likelihood of cancer development and even suppress cancers once they have fully developed. … [This] should be studied in non-operable cancer patients. At a minimum, it might help alleviate some of the side effects of chemotherapy. More importantly, it may help fuel and activate the body’s natural cancer preventative and suppression processes.“
-- “Moringa Life Oil” in the Prevention and Therapy of Cancer. W. John Martin, MD, PhD.
Institute of Progressive Medicine, Burbank CA


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  2. Now I don't have to pick someleaves of malunggay just to mix some for my son's dishes.I will just snip one of the MLO jell capsules, and pour it. Another discovery for the use of MLO.


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