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Have you heard about Cashsense? You may have not heard it yet, but I'm sure you've already read that word - here in this post! What's the sense? To give you a background, Cashsense Inc. is an online money remittance and payroll merchant services. It has been incorporated in the Country last 2005, and have been an independent Filipino company aimed squarely at overseas Filipino markets since 2008.

Now, Cashsense will be giving away weekly prizes to participants who submit the right answer to their "Guess What?" contest.

Each day, Cashsense will post an additional clue. The answer may be difficult to guess on day one, but progressive clues will be easier. The first correct answer will win the first prize and so on. Once five correct answers have been given, the answer will be revealed and the winners posted.

Don’t stop posting answers though even if the main prize winners have been posted. Every week, all correct answers will go into a lucky draw and the winner will be awarded P500 e-load.

You may already join their contest for this week's "Guess What...?" and win:

1. Henry’s Place P800 GC
2. Rudy Project Bag
3. Funky bottle lamp
4. Organic body care products
5. eLoad

Visit the Cashsense's FB fanpage for more details, and get updated with their weekly contest.

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