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Unilab Active Health Series

Seven months ago, Unilab successfully held their Run United - Wellness run where a lot of young ones, sports enthusiasts, and adults took part on the event.

Unilab's Active Health Series
This time, Unilab has continued their Wellness events, leveling it up to ActiveHealth to promote a healthier lifestyle, not only for the athlete, but for the whole family as well to promote an active lifestyle for the Filipino family.

This October and November, brace and mark your calendar with these active United events from Unilab. The Bike United, Tri United, and the final installment of the RunRio Trilogy - Run United. Read on below about these series of active health and active tests of your limit.

The Bike United was held yesterday, October 16 at the Venice Piazza, McKinley Hills, Taguig. The Bike United aims to gather weekend warriors and competitive bikers for a day of active health and wellness. It has three (3) main events:
  1. 20 km Sunset Fun Ride - a first in Manila, starting from McKinley Hill and will pass through the exclusive Philippine Army Camp (keep posted at the Unilab's website for new schedule).
  2. Alaxan FR 4.2 km Road Criterium - a 30-minute road race (4.2 km per loop)
  3. I-On Dual Stunt - two (2) riders will race on identical tracks and will follow a knock-out system until the final rider wins.
Plus, there will be an event for the kids, the Ceelin Kiddie Bike Clinic that will teach 7-12 years old kids on basic biking skills.

Tri-United Whiterock, happening on November 13, 2010 at the Whiterock Beach, Subic, is the ultimate test of endurance in the triathlon arena for both the adults and kids, composing of 2 km swim, 91 km road bike, and 20 km run, available for Individual or Relay team competitors.

Plus event also for the Kids of 6 to 12 years old, they may also participate by joining the Tri Kids Swim and Run Clinic. The clinic is designed to help the children understand how to properly race in a triathlon event. A race simulation will follow after the clinic where kids can put into use what they learned from the clinic.

For the Leg 3 of the RunRio Trilogy - Run United 2, this event will take two days weekend on November 20-21, 2010 at the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, and will be for the benefit of Gawad Kalusugan and Hero Foundation.

What's unique on this event is the Runrio Afroman distance of 20-mile or 32 km distance. Why 32 kilometer? As most of the runners who have already ran a Marathon, the 32nd to 35th kilometer is where most runners hits their "wall", or the dramatic fatigue of the body where glycogen stores are almost up to its limit. So this is a good endurance test training for those aiming to debut, or comeback on a Marathon distance.

Race Schedule and other distance:
November 20: 500m (for kids), 3K, 10K, 21K
November 21: 500m (for kids), 5K, 15K, 32K (Runrio Afroman Distance)

The fun and active event doesn't stop here though, as the active family bonding would continue at the Unilab Active Health Village on each race dates where Kids, Adults, and Seniors will get to take part of the play zones, diagnostic tests, medical consultations, and running tips from fitness Coaches.

Finisher's Pack for the Tri-United
Finisher's shirt for 3k/5k/10k/15k/21k and Finisher's Medal for 21k
Finisher's Pack for 32k
You may register for the mentioned events through the following links:
Bike United Registration (registration closed).
Whiterock Tri-United Registration
Run United 2 Registration


  1. Ganda ng 32K finisher's medal! Kita kits Alfred! Miss yah . . .

  2. Tita Nora, long time no cross-roads :)
    sali po tayo 32k :)

  3. RunningAtom, the Sunset Fun Ride is postponed :)

  4. hi there! thanks for joining the spibelt giveaway. was trying to look for your email on your blog but couldn't find it. anyway, you'd have more chances of winning if you posted the entries in separate comments since one comment is counted as 1 entry. you can go to my comments section and see how the others did it =)

  5. Thanks for the notice Ms. Julie, I'll revise my entries...


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