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Losing Weight Through WaterPlus

Since our elementary days, we've been taught by our good 'ol teachers that two-thirds of the earth's surface is covered by water. And in college days, we've also learned that the the human body is composed of 60% water, that the average human brain consists of about 78% of water, and etc. Now what we don't know, is that water could also aid us in losing weight. Yes, water it is!

This is where the waters are in our body
"How did they do that?" you would ask! Naturally, water is a great aid in "maintaining the body's weight by regulating our appetite and increasing our body's metabolism." (Water Facts)

If you have already tried or experienced a day of no food, and all you have is water, when you drink a glass or two, our hunger level goes down. That is how water helps in regulating our appetite. I have also read in some magazine articles that people sometimes mistakes thirst as hunger. So when you feel like binging on a food, don't be shy to grab a glass of water. It will be a great help to your diet.

But be also aware that drinking too much water, can also lead to "overdose", as what our olden pops said "too much of something is bad enough!" Too much drinking of water at a time can cause our brain cells to swell. Just try to imagine endlessly filling-in a plastic bag with water and holding tight on it's open end. After a few moment, the water will try to escape from the plastic bag through the open end on your hand, or the plastic bag will expand/stretch to be able for it to accommodate the amount of fluid coming in. That is due to the pressure build up, and the case is the same as with our body.

Aside from this, excessive daily intake of water can also cause "water intoxication", flushing out electrolytes, such as sodium, from our body.

So how can we effectively lose weight without being afraid of these risk factors?

Thanks to Zest-O, the maker of our favorite fruit juices, as they came up with a revolutionary water weight-loss product that is packed with 300mg of L-Carnitine, an amino acid that helps increase fat-burning properties in the body and 2 grams of Fibersol, a water soluble fiber that help maintain a healthy digestive track. This is not just "another L-Carnitine" product, as it has zero sugar, and zero calories which will enable you to burn more fats without adding extra pounds. Aside from this, WaterPlus is in near water-formulation, light, refreshing, and has no heavy flavors but just a hint of our favorite fruits to choose from grape, apple, or lemon & berries of WaterPlus Reduce variants.

For us runners, the fibersol will help in flushing out the lactic acid produced in our muscles during our strenuous trainings, or race. As for the L-Carnitine, well I still need it though I have a thin body, since my tummy and waist has already gained bulk from sitting more than 10 hours a day, making a living.

WaterPlus Reduce Variants
Now join me in my running adventures, stay healthy and hydrated with WaterPlus Reduce! Get more out of water!


  1. Kaya nga ako, lagi may bottle of water sa tabi ko, para inom ako palagi, parang water therapy na rin :)

    May free samples ba ang water plus? :D

  2. try water plus Madz on your runs, you'll love it for sure. :)

  3. I'm not a water drinker, but I think water plus will make me one, I also want to achieve that thin body of yours RA! :)

  4. naks meron nang post....anung lasa ng reduce pedz? haha

  5. @Ishigo, be sure to always hydrate, and being thin... it's on the genes, hahaha, kidding!

  6. @JourneyingJames, masarap naman sya :) refreshing din, tska mas ok ang lasa kahit hindi malamig compared sa other hydration fluids :)

  7. @peachkins, thanks for the visit :)

  8. Hey, thanks for the water plus video man. Great stuff! I liked the ending of it. hehehe! I drink GU Brew before long runs, and GU recovery after long runs or through out the day. I always have at least 2 liters of water a day, but I also compliment it with some sports drink, etc..

  9. im not into water consumption. I take much of soda or colored water. hahaha. i liked your site!!!!

  10. @Sir Kenley, which part of the ending did you like best? hahaha! I have yet to try energy gels, I'm afraid my stomach will get upset!

  11. @MinnieRunner buy one, you can afford naman, we all know it :p

  12. @Rome, thanks for the visit.
    I hope soon you'll get to love water na, start by drinking WaterPlus ;)

  13. aba, sinagot nga...haha mas masarap kapag may fusion cuisine at Lu's right?haha

  14. @James, hahaha! hindi ko na maalala ung mga pangalan ng cuisines sa Lu, basta kain lang ng kain, hehe! :D


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