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The VFF Sprint Encounter

Last Wednesday, September 22, I was able to grab a pair of VFF Sprint during the media launch of the Vibram Five Fingers at Paolo's Bootcamp, in Metropolitan Club, Rockwell. It has been almost a year since I've been dreaming of having a pair of VFF, and such a dream come true for having been a part of the product media launch here in the Philippines, through BarefootWear Inc, and EventScape Manila.

When I first received the invitation, I decided to also invite MinnieRunner for her to get knowledge about barefoot running, and to be able to appreciate the advantages and the good things about VFF. I remember a year ago when I have her check a photo of the VFF, she was so un-interested that I turned like I'm exaggeratively excited about such a very simple-looking product. Well, not for now, check out how excited she was with her new pair of VFF.

I never thought I would own a pair (the other pair is for MinnieRunner).
So after the event, we were supposed to attend our regular aNR Ortigas Wednesday session. But since me and MinnieRunner was so excited to road test our new VFF sprint, without being stressed with the scheduled speed-drill exercise on our aNR, we just decided to have a break-in run at UP academic oval. So we did. The feeling was great while running and getting a feel of the road, the asphalt, the rocks and pebbles. I was able to make around 3.3 km Tempo run, 1.1 km relaxed run, and another 2.2 km of pure walk, for a total of 6.6 km initial break-in mileage.

What happened on the next day, and even up to today, was a great muscle ache on my calves and a few aches at the ball of foot. I guess I over-exerted my break-in run due to the excitement, or my leg muscles may just be adjusting with barefoot running.

Come this day (Friday), a civilian day in our office. I have to report to our office and have some "career-matter" conversation with our HR. I decided to wear my VFF so I could flaunt it to our officemates (lol, I didn't realize that wearing a VFF would make you proud among the populace). So what happened?

Before going straight to Stradcom, my officemates invited me for a coffee [lunch-]break. I ordered hot choco, and during one of our laughing conversations, I accidentally poured a good amount of chocolate on my pants. Not wanting to go back to the house and change my outfit, I still went to the office with a stained pants. So the next sequence of events, I had these intriguing questions asked to me:
  1. On the elevator going to the 3rd floor to our HR's office, "Why are you only wearing a pair of socks?"
  2. At the 3rd floor hall with other HR personnel, "What is that thing that you're wearing?", "Is that a shoe?", "Can I touch it?", "Does it really need to be in different colors?", "Can I see what the sole looks like?", "How does it feel when you're walking?"
  3. Inside our HR Manager's office, "What happened to you Pedo, you have only been off to work for a few days and now you're already 'namumulubi'? (ugh, guys, help me to translate that word!).
  4. On the other building, I have also received not just questions, but also great compliments: "You look like you have a monkey's feet!"; "Great barefooted monkey look you have there!"
  5. Then during our Town-hall Meeting at the end of office hours, those same questions revolved around me for the nth time whenever I pass a group of people or table. I was like a product endorser, answering the same kind of questions and repeating my foot-raising actions for them to see each side, and what's on the sole of my VFF.
Nobody noticed the stain on my pants, but they noticed the VFF
A lot of people had become really curious, and I also get to know that some were already planning to buy one but don't know where to find the store. I was glad I was able to give them some idea about the VFF, what does it do, what is it for, what's the advantage of being barefooted, and the store location of BarefootWear Inc.

Now I think I already understand what my other co-runners wearing VFF feels when they are also confronted with these same questions (of which, I was also one of those so curious about them and their VFF). It's funny! But what's great in owning a pair of VFF? You would feel proud of being BAREFOOTED.

You should keep posted for more of my future adventures with VFF. I'm also planning to buy a pair of Bikila, and give my pair of Sprint to my loving wife.

Special thanks to Mr. Kim Faner of Eventscape Manila, and to Mr. Vince Escalon of BarefootWear Inc.


  1. naiinggit ako Pedz, I want it too...the first time I read about it, i want to try it na...Hirap talaga ako wearing rubber shoes..hopefully this November i have my own pair of VFF na, hmmm Bikila or KSO?

    note: miss ko na kayo ni Madz :(

  2. lol! i used mine when i went malling yesterday and in the office today. dami pumapansin. :D

  3. So, whats up there "running monkey atom"? lol. I have a friend who bought a pair, and the same thing happened to him. I asked him, "So how many miles did you run in them the first day?". He replied with "11". "11?". Yeah, He over exerted himself and his calves paid the price for nearly 2 weeks. But now, his strength in his legs and feet are phenomenal. Have fun with your VFFs Monkey Boy! ps, my wife thinks they are "cute" I should buy her a pair. They look filipino style!

  4. you were there pala. i tagged along to a friend of mine who got invited as well. sayang nga lang at wala akong nakuhang five fingers. good luck on your vff runs

  5. the best things in life are FREEEEEE! =)

  6. @Jhuvy, tara sabay tayo bili sa Rockwell. I'm planning to have my second pair for a KSO or Bikila. I already gave my pair to my wife eh, hehe..

    @DaddyJoey, it was good seeing you at the event. Si Madz nahihiyang magtanong kung ano ung blog mo, she can't remember you.

  7. @Kenley, I already gave my pair of VFF to my wife, she's the monkey wife now, lol! Yeah I'm hoping that after a few run, I'll get to strengthen my muscles more and develop more speed. The VFF really looks cool Sir Kenley, so buy you and your wife a pair of KSO or Bikila already :)

  8. @Daves, so you were there too? Sayang hindi tayo nagkakilala. I tagged along a friend of mine also and had her pre-registered. Muntik din sya di magkaroon ng VFF but at the end of the event, she was also given a chance to have her pair.

    @Ms. Julie, it really is the best! And I'm so grateful to the people who invited me. I don't even know how to pay them back but to thank them here on my blog. :)

  9. the first thing i did when you brought me down to megamall was wear my vff. the lady at the back said, where did you buy those. i feel astig wearing/'flaunting' it. go vffers

  10. haha.. astig talaga pre. I had my first race of my VFF yesterday at Thunderbird. Though the route has uphills, I never thought I'd be able to maintain my pace and average finish time with 5k distance with those VFF. See you later!

  11. I suppose I will have to buy my wife some vff's then huh? lol

  12. funny anecdotes! hahaha! enjoy your VFFs!

  13. @Sir Kenley, yes, you have to, hehe...

    @Ronald, idol men.. pati pala sa CamSur Ironman, VFF ka pa rin. Much of us newbie VFF users are looking up to you :)

  14. Pedz, sinabi ko talaga 'yun sa'yo? LOL! I forgot, naging makakalimutin na ako :P

    Si Vienna, buti hindi ko sinuot nung undas, otherwise, malulubog sa baha. 'Yung trail shoes ko, nagtatampo na, ayun, nilanggam, ahihih..

    Pedz, thank you so much for inviting me as well. Andami ko na utang sa'yo, buti naman at nakabayad na ako :)

  15. @Madz, yeap, jan sa may pwesto mo tayo nun nung pinakita ko picture ng VFF from one magazine or website ata yun...

    ang sweet naman ng trail shoes mo, nilalanggam, hahaha!

    hindi ka pa bayad! magbayad ka sa pasko :p


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