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Held on the 26th of June 2010 at the Bonifacio High Street, with only about an estimated population of not more than 250 runners, organized by the Rotary Club of Makati Nielsen. It seems like just a Rotarian event but it has opened to the public, and even to the Kenyans to promote and raise fund for a tree-planting activity for the a watershed somewhere (sorry, I forgot what watershed it is).

I joined this event without much expectation about the race from the pre-race program and post-event activities. I just hoped that the race would turn-out well, break a PR, and possibly grab a place (hoping for 3rd) since there were not much elite runners that were present on the event.

It's a Race to Save Mother Earth, no timing needed!
Indeed, I was able to break a PR on this race, finishing the 5k course in 21 minutes and 37 seconds (unofficial). I remember in the middle of the race going towards the finish line at around 3km mark, I thought that I was running for the 4th place. I tried to keep my pace and my speed, until one of the runner behind me slowly passed me by. Then I tried to keep just a small distance gap between us, and kept a record my mind that "I'm on the 5th place, and the guy who just passed-by me is on the 4th place." Wasn't being able to keep up with that guy, I realized that even if I outrace him, I wouldn't be on the 3rd place anyway. As I cross the finish line, we we're just approximately less than 50 seconds away from each other.

The race did turned out well, except for the following:
  1. The Marshal on the motorcycle who was leading the lead runners for 5k lead them to a wrong turn-around point, making the Kenyan runner gain a lot of lead distance from his Filipino competitor runner.
  2. Markers are very few (well, no need to expound).
  3. The Marshals deployed on the road crossings doesn't know the route.
    - An instance was I've asked around three Marshals what road should I turn to and nobody answered, instead, they just shrugged-off their shoulders. Since there were no other runners ahead of me, I just guessed the possible road that may lead to the finish line. Luckily, I guessed correctly or else, I might have lead the other runners on my back to the wrong route.
  4. There were no time-keepers on the finish line.
    - Curious how did they record our time, I asked one of the race officials about the finish times. After a while, an announcement was made (in Tagalog): "There will be no race times to be recorded since this is not a race, this is just an event for the awareness about our Mother Earth and the trees." Upon hearing this, I looked on my bib, and wondered why was there a barcode? And why should be there a winner's awarding if this is not a race?
  5. The distance was short of 800m (approx.) according to some hear-says after the event.
    - Judging from my finish time, I average 25 to 30 minutes in 5k races. And since I just came from a full Marathon a month ago, and two Pikermi distances a week after, there could only be a very small chance that I could cut out more than 4 minutes off my 5k average finish time.
Lesser people, lesser competition, more chances of winning
Awarding ceremony, there were no cash prizes for all the race categories (500-m dash, 3k, and 5k), but just medals and sponsor giveaways. Though I stayed on the program wishing to win the raffle prize of tour for two to Baguio and accommodation from Microtel. Unluckily, it seems that most of the grand-prizes have been won by the Rotarians. Just as the 5k race top three finishers is being announced, I was shocked, with my blood rushing from my feet to the top of my head, when I saw who got the third place award. It was the guy who passed by me whom I thought got the 4th place out of me. It was not the 4th place that he just grabbed from me, but the 3rd place that I was hoping for.

Was it me, was it the race, or the Kenyan, or the Marshals? Anyway, what I learned here is, whenever you thought that you're losing, you're not, until the race is over!


  1. Kaya pala isa ito sa mga ayaw mong races, muntikan ka na namang manalo, ha ha ha..

  2. I also realized on this race Madz that running is also a continuous learning. :)

  3. whenever you thought that you're losing, you're not, until the race is over! <-- gotta love this line

  4. @Daves, me too. That's why I love running, we get to learn some valuable things that we could apply in our lives. :)

    Thanks for always dropping by at my blog. See you on road!

  5. Definitely Pedz. Running is like life :)


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