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Bad Days or Bad Race

We all had some of the best times of our lives, and some worst or not-so-good moments too. In my running "career", I've also had some dull running days where I feel my body's not cooperating on my scheduled trainings, practices, and also -- even on race days itself. There were also days that I thought I had the best time of my running life, having set a newly recorded PR, but then some inevitable facts would just spoil the "high" moment of a should-be good race.

Where's my race?
My next blog posts will be about some of my "collected" top three most frustrating running events that I have joined. Why it has made it on this list is either or combination of the following three major reasons:
  1. Poorly organized event.
  2. Improper planning.
  3. Lack of event-organization experience.
Here goes the top three (click on the link for each of their stories):

3. Rotary Club of Makati Nielsen's Global Run, Global Fun 2010
2. CIE's Phil. Independence Day Half Marathon 2010
1. LTO's 97th Anniversary Fun Run (Walk, Run, don't ride)

On a side note, these three races were all debut events of the said organizers. And I am glad that at the very least, having experienced some simple running events way back in my olden (aherm, College) days, I have accustomed myself of not giving too much expectation from most of the races -- except for those events with sky-rocketing registration fees.


  1. Kulang. Bitin. ha ha ha...

    Well Pedz, we cannot expect all races to be perfect; otherwise, there'll be no room for improvement. I hope in your next post, you will be citing your top three to counter-act the negativity of this post :)

    Just continue running :)

  2. Haha, wait a minute sandali, follow the next three posts.

    You got it right Madz, you'll read the positives pa rin naman behind those negatives :D

  3. hay naku I know what you mean. I've experienced quite a few. but I appreciate the effort of RDs to do better on their next event. I hope someday, our races there will be as great as the races here in the U.S. =)

  4. Hi Ms. Julie, long time no blog-hop :) I hope you're doing well in the US. It seems you're already getting into the TriAthlete world, congrats to you! :)

    Share us some of your stories about the races there, maybe those planning to organize races here could learn a lot from your blog post/race reviews.

    Thanks for dropping by. :)

  5. asar talaga kapag napakamahal ng reg fee tapos di organized yung race


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