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Adizero Boston - Conclusion Review

This conclusion review should have been made a few months back, or a few days after my break-in activity for the shoe. But I thought that the 3 days break-in review or a total mileage of 20 kilometers may not be enough for me to get to experience the full capability and features of the Adizero Boston. So I decided to extend my shoe review, up until I get to pound it for a decent distance.

As of this writing, the shoe have already completed a total mileage of 299.82 kilometers or 187.38 miles, which includes all my practice/training runs since January 18, 2010, and actual races ranging from 3km. up to 21km. distance. Now I'm also including my own observations and experience with the shoe as my feet pounds through the road together with the Adizero Boston.

  1. Very lightweight
  2. Encourages mid-foot striking
  3. Easily dries up even indoors
  4. No tight feeling after an intense run
  5. No feet soreness after a long run up to 21km
  6. Doesn't stink, no bad odors after each run nor even after a long period of without washing
  7. Mesh construction keeps the air flowing inside while running
  8. A good running shoe for 15k distance or below (I manage to race it for up to 21k due to my light and small physique -- 110 lbs.)
  9. Outer sole doesn't easily get worned-out
  10. Soft inner-sole rubber, yet durable material and construction
  1. Not recommended for heavy runners running longer than 10k distance
  2. Not enough reflectors for a safe evening run
Enjoy some photos of my runs with the Adizero Boston.

My first 3K Champion award at the BDO Race for Life 2010
Me at the back during the Unilab Run for Wellness 2010, with another Adizero Boston runner
(my best 10k PR so far at 0:48:10)
My first 15k race at the Globe Run for Home 2010 at 01:17:58
My best 21k PR so far at 01:59:32 at the Nature Valley Run 2010


  1. nice review bro.nag-aantay ako ng shoes review kasi i want to review din my shoes, di ako marunong. thanks, i now have`an idea

  2. Hi James, this is my first time to review a shoe, delayed nga itong conclusion eh 'coz I want to really experience the shoes' capabilities up to even more than the mileage limit that the vendor told me before.

  3. Atom! hows the stability of the shoe? takbo ka naman with us ulit! six:30-mattzz

  4. @Matt, Oh yeah, forgot to mention about the stability.

    I remember the shoe was meant for neutral arc foot, so for under or over pronators, the Boston might not be recommended for them.

    Sure I'll be running again with you. I heard from Adidas that there'll be an aNR at UP, who do you think will lead the group?

  5. Buti ka pa Pedz, naituloy mo ang mileage tracking ng shoes mo, ako nahinto, he he he.

  6. @MinnieRunner, I need to. 'Coz I want to know kung talagang hanggang ilang mileage aabot sa akin ang sapatos or kung for display na lang ba talaga ang running shoes once it obtains the 500km mileage.

  7. yeah di nga ok for heavy runners. I tried to use the same shoe before pero sumasakit agad tuhod ko.. haha..

  8. thats been noted, tnx for the info! :)

  9. @SprintingSwine, I commented about your Vomero shoe but it seems my comment can't make it through at wordpress. Your post was really funny. Keep on running.

    @MaryAnnRamos, you're welcome. See you on the road.

  10. Thanks for the review man. I like the fact that in encourages the midfoot striking. Also, I like the fact that you go back to this review after close to 200 miles. Sometimes, I have shoes were I can not give it a go until I have at least 100 miles in them. I am an ASICS guy, but now that I have lost over 50 pounds, I can branch out into other shoes, that are light weight, and not so stabilizing. One shoe (by ASICS, lol) that I am thinking of getting is the DS Trainer. As soon as I tried these suckers on, I wanted to run FAST! Thanks for the Adizero Review. I might have to give them a whirl.

  11. You're welcome Sir Kenley!

    I have not tried any other running shoes yet, except this one. But I'm also open to trying other shoes until I get to feel what really suits me. Some of my friends also suggests Mizuno for longer distance races. :)

  12. Sharafi ABDULLAH FAUZIJan 29, 2011, 11:08:00 PM

    bro, i have 4 adizero boston but different colour...
    this running shoes very comfortable&love it so much:)


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