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Run With Nutribar

Professional and amateur runners, eager to help promote a healthy lifestyle among students and teachers, trooped to the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman campus in Quezon City to take part in the first ever Growers Nutribar Hip 2B Fin Fun run.

RunningAtom and MinnieRunner
The participants composed of students, teachers, athletes, young professionals, health buffs, and families gathered as early as 5:30 a.m. to run in the 3k, 5k, and 10k races. A special 3k parent-child race was also held.

Presented by Growers NutriBar in cooperation with the UP Mountaineers, the race will benefit the UP Padyak project which promotes biking within the UP Diliman campus as a means of transportation to promote health and fitness and lessen the dependence on fossil fuel-driven vehicles.

Bikes and Bike Racks
Growers NutriBar will donate bike racks to be installed around the campus where UP Padyak members can safely park their single-speed cruiser bikes. Each rack can securely accomodate cable-locked bikes.

Words from: Racine Blair Tria
Agatep Associates

CaptainRunner and MinnieRunner
RunningAtom, Ms. Blaire (Agatep), MinnieRunner, and Ms. Glaize (Agatep)
Race Profile:
Distance: 10 km.
Official Time: 0:49:57
Official Ranking: 32nd out of 117 10k Finishers

Race Info:
When: Jul. 11, 2010.
Where: UP Diliman
Event: Nutribar Hip 2B Fit Fun Run 2010

Official race results can be downloaded here.


  1. Emailed the organizer to update our names :)

  2. yeah... my name was not in the race result too, but our bib# was there ;)


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