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iTV Goggles

Back in my College days, when my first morning subject starts at as early as 6:45AM, I always miss some of the morning TV shows and news that I have been accustomed to watch when the school days has not yet started. The mobile TV or video devices was not yet a fab back then. Even the internet video streaming was not yet that popular. So there was really no option for me to be able to watch my missed TV programs. All I can do back then as I walk towards our school, was to imagine that there's an eyeglass with a built-in TV where I could watch some TV programs while also having a view of the street and the surroundings around me while walking.

It seems so real to me as I let my imagination float, but at the same time, I absolutely know that it is impossible. How would you fit in a TV screen, antenna, switches, and the electronic parts that comes with the appliance to make it work?

Imagine watching your favorite TV program while on the road

But a few months ago, while I was reading the newsletter update from Geeky-Gadgets, I was amazed with the gadget that I came across with - the iTV Goggles. And yes, as the word implies, it is a television, in goggle-type design.

Amazed as I was, I thought that I was the only one left in the office who doesn't know about this kind of technology, and when my officemates came to read about the specs of this gadget, they were even amazed on disbelief and just left me with question: "Is this real?"! Well I guess, some of us here in the Philippines have been left behind with information and knowledge about new technological discoveries.

Goggle TV = Private Home Theater
The iTV Goggles comes in different models and colors. But most of the models boasts of packed-features such as wide virtual screen, 3D support, 2GB memory, A/V input capability, and much more. The price ranges from $179.99 to $399.95 or approximately Php8,450.00 to Php18,797.00. It's not much as compared to mobile phones that goes as high as Php50,000.00 or higher, but as of this moment, this generation, this time, the iTV goggle is not yet available in our Country. And all I can do is once again, just imagine myself wearing this cool gadget while walking towards the office, then suddenly, somebody in a motorcycle would just grab this expensive device from my face and disrupt my viewing moment with regrets of the hard-earned money.

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