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Rockin' Rainin'

Just yesterday after the sunset, I raced an unexpected run. I did not register, but I'm not also a bandit. I ran for a friend who registered but was not able to run because of the call of duty, yeah, friend's schedule was really hectic, lol!

My plan was to arrive at the venue one hour earlier so that I could warm-up for 30 minutes on the route itself. But the traffic on my way to the race venue consumed my my warm-up time. And while on the taxi, the rain already started pouring heavily. Luckily I still arrived 10 minutes earlier before the gun-start. There were already a lot of runners along the establishments at the BHS (Bonifacio High Street), securing theirselves from the heavy rain.

With Timmy Dadia

Though not sure if the race will push through, I then decided to run from ROX towards the baggage area and was surprised at the starting line that the 10k race has just started. Then five minutes later, the gun-start for the 5k was also fired-off. We were all already wet due to rain, which added up more excitement to the runners.

As we traverse the route, the rain fall in our face was like a dermatological effect -- it felt like our face was being pricked. Coupled with some strong winds, we were either being pushed, or pulled. The sun-visor at this time, became a rain-visor which greatly helped to keep the rain from directing into my eyes. In contrast, the rain had helped me to keep my pacing. I was able to maintain a 5:00 min/km. pace from start to finish, and was glad to set a new 5k PR/PB of 25:08 despite of my lack of proper training due to plantar fasciitis.

aNR Ortigas buddies, Che and JB

Some of the things that happened after the race, and during the event's program were:
  1. "Naka-flashlight pa si kuya, akala ko may motor na paparating..." the marshall commented on my headlamp as I arrive at the finish line.
  2. Saw Coach Rio who ran for 10k doing his cool-down stretches. Wasn't able to got a photo collection with him though.
  3. Different rock-star-costumed runners appeared, aiming for the Php 20,000.00 prize for the best rock-star outfit contest. One of them was our co-runner at aNR Ortigas (I think it was Bong).
  4. Met Che Bello and JB, Timmy Dadia, Leo Manalaysay and some of his friends.
  5. Never met one of our officemate who should be running his first fun run.
  6. My cellphone and headlamp malfunctioned as the rain water got inside the circuits.
  7. There were no band who performed during and after the event (and they apologized for it).
  8. The loot bags have a Women's health magazine, one nutribar, and some leaflets.
  9. We've waited for the event's program until the end, hoping to win one of the raffle prizes of Canon Pixma Photo printer, Brooks running shoes, Canon DV Camcorder, and many others.
  10. Ms. Che Bello got a double knock-out luck for the night: raced a free run, and still won one of the major raffle prizes - a Canon Pixma photo printer.
  11. I was so hyped-up by the red bull drink given after the run, that I wasn't able to sleep until around 2:00 AM.
 Paeng and Jen Go

After the program, I was in front of ROX at the BHS waiting for a cab going home at around 9:30 to 9:45 PM. A gray car going southwards bearing plate number NOQ1xx driven by a bald guy (No, it wasn't the BaldRunner) around 28-30 years of age, passed in front of me asking "saan way mo?". Since I was the only one within the 5 meter radius where he was looking at, I was confused and was only dumb-staring at him trying to dig my memory if I knew him from somewhere. But my mind confirmed that I don't know him. Just after a few seconds, the car passed at me again now going northwards, the driver looked at me and pointed his finger ahead, and I read the gesture as if he was confirming if I was going that way.

Again I was confused if I really knew him, and being unresponsive, he drove straight, turning left at the 9th street. I checked my back, left and right side if there was someone else near me, but there was no one. Then a cab passed by in front of me, so I immediately hailed the cab. Gladly the taxi driver didn't refused me. Then just before the cab got off, I noticed that before the gray car reached 5th ave., he made a U-turn going back to 7th ave. where I was. Then what happened next, I have no idea!

It made me think if the guy was seeing a female ghost beside, around, or near me, whom he taught was his friend of some sort, lol!

Ms. Roxanne Barcelo?? the program host, with Republikha rep. and Mr. Toby of Toby's Sports

Che with her new printer
- now accepting photo printing for only Php 5.00 per copy

I am thankful for the person who let me run this race, and also thankful that your call of duty was more important than running (lol). If not for your generosity, I could've missed this wonderful experience in running under the rain. I hope there'll be more of this next time, Cheers!

Race Profile:
Distance: 5 km.
Official Time: 0:25:18
Official Ranking: 41st out of 804 5k Finishers

Race Info:
When: Jun. 19, 2010.
Where: Bonifacio, Global City, Taguig
Event: Rock and Run

Race Results are available here.


  1. Nice run! I am already missing running; but not like before. I don't know why.

  2. funny, but we had the same experience with the bald guy in a gray car last saturday first night run and rain..was awesome, but could have been better if the bands played.

  3. You guys caught each other!!!! :(

  4. Alfred--baka type ka ng driver kaya ka binabalikan!:-) Anyways, congrats on your new 5k PR! See you soon!

  5. Okay, you are freaking me out with the gray car thing. A female ghost? lol. You said it was a bald guy? Was it me? lol. CONGRATULATIONS on your PB man. Way to kick ass, especially with the weather conditions as they were. You truly are an awesome runner and an inspiration. So, are you done with that women's health magazine yet? lol Take care man, and watch out for the crazies!

  6. Madz, don't tell me nangyayari na nga ung binanggit ko syo noon?

  7. @trashvn, hahaha! mga wat time ka pinuntahan nung gray car?

    Congrats to your first night run and rain. See you sa next races.

  8. @Kassy, no we didn't.. I think we were at a different time, lol!

  9. @Sir Rene, baka type akong itapon, pakalat-kalat kasi ako kahit tapos na ang event, hehehe!

    Thanks Sir Rene, yeap see you soon. BTW, I already have a Team Lactacyd for Sunday. Hope to race with you soon..

  10. @Sir Kenley, hmmmnn... the bald driver actually looks like you, haha! just kidding!

    Thanks Sir Kenley, I love really love running in the rain, reminds me about my childhood days in our remote province. The Women's Health mag, I didn't open it, I don't want to see things that are intended for women, LOL!

  11. Nice seeing you running apple, este running atom pla during the program with matching picture pa. Buti nakilala mo pa ako. Thanks to Irish, for being such a hardworking person (kahit pakitang tao lang) hehe anyway hope to see you on next run. sayang hindi ako makakasama sa lactacyd run, pwde ba paarbor singlet? hehe anyway jen go here

  12. Hindi pa naman RunningAtom. I am aiming at joining the Milo Marathon kahit support ako sa office. I cannot eliminate running from my system.

  13. @Jen, binibinyagan mo ako eh, hahaha.. t'was nice seeing you there too, luckily I recognized your BF. It was him whom I first saw and thought he looks familiar.

    Lactacyd? Wala akong singlet nun eh, sayang ang bilis mo kasi nagparegister, e di sana kasama ka sa na-sponsore-an. See you there anyway, RunningAtom team will be there as well :)

  14. @MinnieRunner, it's good to know that you don't want to take running away from your life. Like everything else, we need to take a rest for a short while from something for us to better improve in that area.

    But I hope you don't get to rest for a long period.

  15. Wanted to bring back our Tuesday runs at UP. Pwede naman siguro tayo umuwi nun ng 5PM right?

  16. @MinnieRunner, why not? UP is always open for us, hehehe...

  17. Let's do it. It's a date. Tuesdays, 5PM. I want to train for a half!


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