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National Geographic and Climate Change

The populace of running has tremendously increased and still continues to do so up to this time. Running has become a fitness trend as well as a way of life, if not for all, but for many people. People of all walks, age, affiliation and status have been hooked in this new kind of “golf”. These made event organizers, companies, foundations, non-profit and non-government organizations attracts the heart of runners to support a lot of purpose – from a fund-raising event, product launching, marketing and advertisement, and for the cause of their beneficiaries if any.

When I regained my interest in running way back in 2008, I and my colleagues participated on an event that has benefited a TV network’s foundation which has also been helping a lot of people. Just after a few months, we are again on the same kind of event, which was to benefit the “Tahanang Walang Hagdanan”. Then we joined next some promotional campaigns such as the “run don’t ride” campaign of the Land Transportation Office (LTO); a campaign for an honest 2010 elections; recycling campaign; and so on. Thus, most of our runs have a special purpose not only for our own fitness but also for the beneficiaries of the event, or for the good cause of the campaign being launched.

Getting well hooked with running, I just suddenly realized that we’ve been joining a lot of races with or without a beneficiary. We’re already addicted, and we’re not stopping.

So when I get to know about the Earth day run event of National geographic channel, I was not particularly impressed or concerned about where the proceeds would go to. I just know that I might join this event for the sake of running, keeping on-track with my running schedules, beating my PR, all for my own personal reasons.

But last March 19, 2010, during our NatGeo chat with some bloggers, runners, and Mr. Jude Torcuato, Fox International Channel’s Territory Director, and Mr. Illac Angelo Diaz, Executive Director and Founder of MyShelter Foundation, my perspective about joining a running event has been filled with more passion, but this time, it’s for the cause.

So what or who will be the beneficiaries of this event? It will be all of us, from the urban poor community in Taguig City, and to climate vulnerable communities around the world. It will be our move to make an impact on the global problem of climate change. As Sir Illac said, the idea is very ambitious, but it is possible. It seems impossible, but it is actually possible. Through DAtE (Design Against the Elements), this unique and one of a kind global campaign will become possible.

After the NatGeo chat, I made up my mind. I have surrendered our Company event/outing which is also scheduled on the same date (Apr. 18, 2010), and opted to join this running cause instead. So to my readers, I hope you could also join this noble cause. You don’t need to be a runner to be able to join this event. Whoever you are, and whatever you may be, we can all be a part to mitigate the effects of the natural disasters brought and worsened by climate change.

You may also join this event through online registration.


  1. Yeah, we're the fan of "hindi bale ng hindi sumama sa company outing, makatakbo lang" :)

  2. tara gawa tayo fanpage na gnyan sa FB :D

  3. @Anonymous, sure kita tayo sa 18... teka saan ba? tska pano kita makikilala? hehehe....

    takbo lng ng takbo!

  4. I admire this run's cause, and the ambition of the cause itself. This is something ambitious yet realistic and way more practical than money-generating foundations.

  5. Absolutely CaptainRunner, that's why I'm joining this event. :)


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