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Unilab Running Clinic - Day 7

So this was our Unilab running clinic graduation for the basics of running. I'd like to express my deepest gratitude to both Coach Rio and all his friendly and approachable team of Coaches, as well as with Unilab for allowing us to be a part of their Clinic. It was just a short period of time but our hearts and minds have been filled with so much inspiration about running, and our body ready enough for the upcoming Run United for Wellness.

Target Mileage: 7 kilometers

  1. 2 km warm-up run (or 5-laps run at relaxed phase)
    • 5-minutes recovery
  2. Run drills (or Dynamic exercises)
    • heel walk
    • tip-toe walk
    • knee-to-chest one-leg walk-stretch
    • quadriceps walk-stretch
    • horizontal back-front swing to one-leg balance
    • side-bend lunges
    • knee-high run
    • knee-high with back-pedal run
    • side-by-side hips run
    • russian march
    • long strides
  3. Workout (5-kilometer Tempo run)
    • 12 sets of 200m fast run then quickly switch to 200m jog.
    • 1 set of 200m final speed run (80-85% of your maximum speed).
  4. Cooldown Stretching, which includes:
    • arm stretch
    • hip stretch
    • knee-to-chest one-leg stretch
    • quadriceps stretch
    • side lunges
    • hip flexor stretch
    • half-lunge stretch
    • full/deep lunge stretch
Doing some of the Dynamic Exercises

Again, thanks to Unilab and Coach Rio's team. You all have allotted a great investment of time for us, and we have learned a lot, we've been prepared so much, we've gained new friends, and it's all for free. :)

The ever humble Coach Rio
 Our Running Clinic Class Photo :)

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  1. I believe the clinic had helped you RunningAtom :) Sub-Piolo!!!

  2. yeah I think so. I'm really grateful for the free Clinic from Unilab and to the Coaches of team. :)

  3. Hey, thanks for dropping by!

    Congratulations to you too! Good luck on your next runs!


  4. I am very glad that you recieved something from the unilab, running, amongst other things as well. New to your site here. I have been hearing of clinics such as this in the PH, but not here in the states, besides one on on coaching. I tried a running club once, and the people there were very aloof. I will be visiting the PH in Feb - Mar 11 as my wife is from Mariveles though. Enjoyed reading your blog. Take care.


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