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A day before the Valentine's day, MinnieRunner invited me to a date invitation with her for the Unilab-Blogger's meet at Cafe Juanita at the Burgos Circle in Fort Global City, Taguig. Well actually, I forced MinnieRunner to invite me on this event, lol! So during our 1st day of Running Clinic for the Unilab, I was then formally invited by Sir Barry to attend the said blogger's meet.

Getting to know the Bloggers and Runners

Coach Rio, explaining the race details.

As a runner "slash" blogger, it was my first time to attend such event, where I have learned things not only about the upcoming United Run for Wellness, but also about the important things that matters in our life - health and family. I was also awed by the fact that the invitation is free of charge, not a penny was taken out from us except of course for our own fare going to the venue. This changed my thinking about the mindset that "there's no such thing as free"! We had our free lunch buffet, free give-aways from Unilab, free information, and the best of all -- free friendship with people who have the same passion as us.

Getting a peek of the upcoming March issue of Men's Health and Runner's World Phils.

My long-stay on a corporate world have not entitled me on a "real" conversation with any of the high-profiled bosses. But in our few hours of camaraderie with Unilab and Coach Rio, we were able to get to know in a good sense some of Unilab's important people such as Mr. Alex Panlilio, Sir Jack, Sir Barry, and Ms. Rochelle. They were so friendly and approachable, and at any moment, we have not felt that we are just some kind of visitors/guests on this simple yet elegant event for the bloggers and runners. Truly they made us feel united, and not just for that day! Check out my facebook profile, and you'll see that I already have some friends from Unilab. ;)

Sir Alex, showing us the loot bag

Class photo

from Marketing Dep't of Unilab Mr. Alex Panlilio, Coach Rio of and MinnieRunner

The Unilab Run United for Wellness is set to fire-off this coming March 7, 2010 at the Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

The hearty and healthy give-aways

Add Unilab Run United on your facebook.

Oh, and by the way, the Running Clinic is also free.


  1. Thanks for admitting that you forced me to invite you :P Anyhow, thanks too for accompanying me at the event. I won't be able to get there if I'm alone anyway.

    It is really an enjoyable experience being in the bloggers briefing. I really felt that we belong.

    I love the my photo beside Coach Rio :) He is so down to earth!

  2. buti ka pa sipag mo, tamad ko magattend kapag running or any other physical activities, i guess that's why im fat. hehe

  3. @Minnie, baka hndi mo na pahintulutang makasama ako sa susunod na pilitin kita pag dko inamin eh, hehehe! Yeap, the people of Unilab are all awesome and friendly, from the blogger's meet even up to this day.

    @Erlyn, I advise you to try it sometimes, though tiring, it really feels sssoooo good after each run!

  4. ohh.. haha, Kassy do not get envy of it! Don't forget on March 6, our first Bull Session, k? :)

  5. Too bad I was not able to join the briefing :(


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