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Unilab Running Clinic - Day 3

Third day of the Clinic session, it was another challenging and tiring training. Not much to tell about so read on about the details of the training session we had.

Target Mileage: 7.4 kilometers

  1. 2 km warm-up run (or 5-laps run at own phase)
    • 5-minutes recovery
  2. Run drills (or Dynamic exercises)
    • forward lunges with knee-to-chest walk-stretch
    • quadriceps walk-stretch
    • horizontal back-front swing to one-leg balance
    • knee-high run
    • knee-high with back-pedal run
    • side-by-side hips run
    • russian march
    • long strides
  3. Workout run (80%-85% of maximum running speed)
    • 3-sets of 800m/600m/400m laps (2-min recovery each lap & 5-min recovery each set)
  4. Cooldown Stretching, which includes:
    • arm stretch
    • hip stretch
    • knee-to-chest one-leg stretch
    • quadriceps stretch
    • side lunges
    • hip flexor stretch
    • half-lunge stretch
    • full/deep lunge stretch
*Fastest 400m-lap workout: 00:01:29

Full force stride

The post-workout stretches are so good, it greatly relaxes the tired muscles of both legs and body. On parting, Sir Jack introduced us to Nicole Eunice Jabines of Unilab also, the cute lady with a cute voice on the Unilab ad-video presented during the Blogger's meet.

Three days take-home assignment:
  • 1st day - 30-minutes recovery run
  • 2nd day - rest
  • 3rd day - 10 kilometer emulation run

Here's the link for the previous and succeeding running clinic sessions:
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  1. I love the cool down! But my leg is aching! Feeling ko bugbog ang aking mga cartilage :P

  2. Madz, kulang kp siguro sa warm-up... bukas uli, 4th day, wag mo kalimutan :)

  3. Or baka masyado kong napilit ang sarili ko na tumakbo :(

    Tentative ako tomorrow...


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