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MH Urbanathlon 2009 Obstacles

Hurdles - 2008 Urbanathlon and Festival

What are the excitements that are in store for this coming Urbanathlon & Festival?

"This November, run the Men’s Health Urbanathlon™, a race unlike any other!
Hit the concrete, do a skyscraper vertical run, scramble through urban obstacles and never, ever forget it."

After waiting for a long time, Men's Health Philippines have finally announced the 2009 Urbanathlon and Festival. Many runners and challengers alike have physically prepared for the obstacle courses that will wait idly on the coming race course for 5k and 10k categories. Last year, I have expected climbing stairs of at least 10 storey building like that in New York Urbanathlon and Festival 2006, but such obstacle has not been listed for the Philippines.

And for this year, just after the news came out, I have been waiting long once again for the list of obstacle courses for the Men's Health Philippines Urbanathlon and Festival 2009. But to my dismay, and many others who wanted to know the challenges ahead for this event, the list of obstacles never made its way to the public and on their website. I really wonder why? Was it once again, another failure in their event organization? Ever since the official race result for Men's Health Miracle Run 2009 had never been heard of, a lot of runners for Men's Health rated down their confidence level with Summit Media or Men's Health Philippines when it comes to race organizing.

One week before the race event, I was able to dig some obstacle info from other blogs. Check out these pre-event obstacle course planning as posted by ForeFoot Runner:

Body Weaver

20-feet wall climb

Now, two days before the race event, one of my running colleague was able to download some Portable Document Files (PDF) regarding the race and obstacle course for this event. Follow the links below to get a copy for yourself.

5k Urbanathlon race course and obstacles
10k Urbanathlon race course and obstacles

I just hope that this time, race results will be out on-time and accurately.


  1. Pedz, patulog sa inyo, hehehehe :D Para makasali kami sa Urbanathlon :D


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