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Burn Fat & Lose Weight Effectively

In today's generation, a lot of people have been worrying about their health in every aspect. From internal health (that which affects our body organs) up to the external fitness level. And one of the most troubling health issues that also contributes to a lot of known "killers" are being overweight and having bulk of unhealthy fats around the body.

In contrast, a lot of misinformation about losing weight is that Cardio exercise alone makes you lose more fat, and that strength training yields to larger muscles so we have to refrain from it. But as Dr. Richard A. DiCenso explained in his recent article that involving yourself on strength training will only give you bulky muscles is just simply a myth. Well, I was also a believer of this before. And I have wrongly advised my wife to refrain from heavier strength training since her workout program before at one of the known fitness gyms was losing weight. Lately did I realized that strength and resistance training is as important as cardio exercise in fat burning and losing weight.

Dr. DiCenso stressed out the following points in his recent Article why strength training is as important as cardio exercise to effectively lose weight.
Muscle Burns Fat
Cardio alone does not work. The more lean muscle mass you have, the less fat you will have. The reason for this is that muscle actually burns fat. Muscle helps the body burn calories for hours after a workout. Studies have shown people who lift weights have an even lower fat mass percentage than those who do aerobic exercise alone.

Muscle Builds Strength
Most people don't stop to consider that the more strength you have, the less likely you may be to get injured. Of course, that doesn't mean you should over do the weights because this can also injure you. But, if you are an avid runner, cyclist or swimmer it might make sense to lift some weights so your body is stronger and can perform longer and more efficiently without getting injured.

Muscle Reshapes The Body
What if you just dropped fifty pounds through diet and a nightly jog through your neighborhood but when you look in the mirror, things still jiggle and you still carry weight in the same spots you always did? The best way to change this is to shape your body through building muscle. This will tighten, firm, tone, and target those trouble spots that you just can't seem to get rid of.

Muscle Fights Disease
The highest numbers of women who get osteoporosis in later years are ones of slim build. Doctors always say that one of the best ways to fight this debilitating bone loss is to do weight-bearing activities, which increase bone density. Muscle has also been shown in major studies to fight the onset of type two diabetes, build the heart muscle to fight heart disease, and even help those who suffer from arthritis to be more symptom free.
To read more about his article, you may visit or follow this link directly.


  1. An insightfull post on "Burn Fat & Lose Weight Effectively".I'm using the methods from to reduce weight and it really works.

    Peter- Lose 20 - Losing weight may save your life

  2. wowowee ang ab ni pedz! bow!


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