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GMA "Tatakbo Ka Ba?" Fun Run

After a few months of resting from the activities of running, me and my office mates - or my Running mates decided to join the ever-advertised Fun Run event of one of the biggest Television network - GMA 7.

I was only able to prepare two weeks ahead for this event, or total of six days with 20-30 minutes of 10 kph run practice on our office gym's treadmill. Well, there's a big difference between running outside compared on a treadmill, but in this case, I don't have time or should I say, I don't wake up early to chase the morning dew at 5am for a training.

This is the 2nd 5 km. race that I have joined, first was the 21st Milo Marathon Baguio elimination. I have aged exactly 12 years since the first time I joined the world of Marathon, which healed my asthma. But this day was different, the "kittens" inside my chest have been staying with me since last night. Although, I still opted to run because I think my asthma just miss some sweating and time chasing. And yes, it was true indeed, I just lost the "kittens" from the time that I felt my adrenaline and a few more hours after the race finished.

The run was not so difficult for me at this time compared to when I first joined the 5km. Milo marathon. I have been more active physically, and more prepared mentally. Although, I don't have enough training and running experience, I was able to pass the finish mark to a time that I have expected.

The finisher's shirt though is too big for my size. The certificate of participation doesn't have enough space where we could put our name (asa!). There's a vitwater, a bread, and a GMA 2010 elections badge included on the giveaways inside the knapsack.

This fun run is very much different from all the previous fun-run and marathons that I have joined because there are a lot of runners (around 5,000) and also a number of celebrities (actors/actresses, newscasters/journalists) and politicians who were on the event. Although I have not met Noli De Castro, whom I was expecting to have a photo taken with me (lol). The first celebrity that I saw who also run was Ricky Davao, then Lyn Ching who was just cheering the runners in one of the street corners. As for the politicians, my colleagues saw Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay. I think, both of them also ran for the 5 km. distance.

Personal Race Profile:
Distance: 5 km.
Personal Time: 00:28:31
Rank: not known

Race Info:
When: Aug. 30, 2009.
Where: The Fort., Taguig City
Event: GMA 7's "Tatakbo Ka Ba?" Fun Run

Update as of 18Nov2009:

Our group were able to get our official race result for this Fun Run from GMA through Ms. Marge Cariño of GMA Network. You may e-mail her your fullname and she will delightfully reply to you your result.

5k Runners Race Result for our group


  1. Kakamangha, ang bilis ko pala tumakbo :D Next time talaga hindi na ako maglalakad.

  2. hehehe... gawa kn ng chronological list ng race results para mas madali mong ma-monitor yung running performance mo.

  3. My first ever RUN! Thanks! You brought addiction to my life, LOL!

    Are we going for the MH Trail RUN?


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