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My 1st Personal Best Run

Since I started joining fun runs, I have encountered a lot of good and fast runners. Some have unimaginable stamina, longer strides, and some really run just for the fun and excitement.

I have also learned that some motivations during the event is a good mind booster whenever you feel like giving up already. Baguio's runs and marathons have never been emptied (as I have observed) with either PMA or Military participants since Fort Del Pilar or PMA is also in Baguio. Their presence served as the competition target for some runners. For this running event, my target competitors are my neighbor playmates (yes I still play with them until my 18th). I know I have greater advantage than them in long distance running than playing basketball since I have already joined quite a few running events and morning jogs. But I still competed with them since they also challenged me anyway (you know how kids are!), hehehe!

As the race starts, I felt the surge of energy like never before, it was so full. I really feel so motivated, specially knowing that I have already left my playmates. Now I am already competing with the other runners, and no longer with my playmates. The energy I have is still the same. I can feel that my legs are still asking for a longer stride, and so I did lengthen my stride to the fullest of what I can extend without affecting the proper running form and pacing. It feels good that your whole body is cooperating with the moment.

Although the energy I felt did not last for more than half an hour neither until half of the distance, I still feel fulfilled about my performance. Upon reaching the final few kilometers to the finish line, my pace stride and pace is back to how I really run since I am already tired. Now on the few meters left, I heard a lot of people cheering and shouting to every runner. I thought they are just happy for the running event that took place, and that they are some family members of some of the participants. I never increased my speed and stride as I come near the finish line. Later did I know, that the cheering of the people watching the runners is because they are anticipating the first top ten finishers.

There was only a few more steps when suddenly, some runners went past through me rushing to the finish line like they are still competing for the first place. And to my dismay, I could've been able to reach the 10th or 11th place of the race. I really never expected it! I immediately went to the race organizer to check if they already have the ranking of the top then, and yes they have. But I'm no longer one of them. The organizer just told me, 'ay sayang, nahuli ka lang ng ilang segundo, hindi ka umabot!'. And so it goes, I just told to myself that I am still a newbie runner and the top ten ranking is still not in my time, a good way to relief myself.

Race Info:
When: Dec. 7, 1997.
Where: Burnham Park, Baguio City
Event: Rotary Club of Baguio North Invitational 10km. Run
Distance: 10 km.
Personal Time: 00:42:40
Rank: 15th


  1. Pedz, kid ka pa ba nun? :P

    It is overwhelming knowing that you are ahead of many runners (which includes your playmates)

    Ay sayang, feeling mo kasi chineecheer ka kaya nagpacute ka pa eh :D

    Sus, reasons! Kung nagmadali ka lang sana, edi sana may place ka, heheheh :P

    Pagkakitaan mo na Pedz ang pagtakbo, ako financer mo :P

  2. hahaha, eh akalain ko ba namang yun pala dahilan kung bakit sila naghihiyawan :p


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